window screen repair

Do you have mosquitoes finding you in the night? Then you may need to do some window screen repairs.

Other than the front door opening and closing, and insects coming in on your pets, if you keep finding small insects such as little flies, and mosquitoes, then you need to check all your window screens. Even the tiniest pick hole, a mosquito will find it!

Do you have a cat? Chances are they have at one time or another tried to climb the screen to get a closer look at that bird, or climbed the screen to get back in the house.

But if you don't want to be replacing window screens, then you need to do some homemade window screen repairs.

Here is what you will need:

Window screen

bottle of clear nail polish

flattening tool, such as flat screwdriver or similar


If you need to take the screens out for a good clean anyways, then this will be easier, but you don't have to remove them to do this repair.

If the hole is simply a pick mark, then take a dab of clear nail polish and dab it on the tiny hole. If it is bigger with broken edges. Then you need to flatten down the edges the best you can with the flat screw driver or chisel. Get the fiber ends to almost meet, so that the hole is as small as possible and then while holding it down, dab with more clear nail polish. Hold for a minute or two until the polish is dry, or use a hair dryer to dry it quickly.

Most nail polishes dry quickly now. So, if you can keep the bent edges flat just long enough the nail polish to take effect, this will work.

For bigger holes, you can get patches, but then your eye will follow the patch and it looks bad. At this point you should consider re-screening. Unless there are actual pieces of screen missing, you can usually piece it back together and hold with nail polish. Just a bit of fiddling and patience, and it will look better than a patch. But if there are pieces missing, then you need to get a re-screening, and you can get kits to do this yourself at the hardware store.

If you have the time, and you can try and weave some of the fibers back together, at least enough to dab the nail polish on, then this looks better.

Sometime you will find when doing window screen repairs, that the screen is not actually broken, but just the fibers have been moved enough to let in those tiny insects, and we all know that mosquitoes can get in the tiniest of spots. In this case you just need to take a pin or something small and move the fiber over enough to cover the hole back up. I find this happens a lot if you scrub your screens at all when cleaning them, you can actually create some little voids with the scrubbing brush or cloth when wiping or washing them down.

To clean window screens, it is best if you can get them outside, and spray them with a gentle spray. A good way to clean window screens is with the soft brush attachment you use for your car Don't use a hard scrubbing brush as this can damage or move the fibers.

Window screen repairs, is just one of those maintenance jobs you need to look at every spring. Take a look at them now, before those swarms of mosquitoes start showing up. Really take a good look at the screens, especially a front or back door screen, that takes a fair bit of beating and cleaning.

If the problem is your cat, leaving tiny pick marks behind, then maybe you should consider getting kitty some nail caps!