If you are looking for new window treatments for your room it is because you are either wanting to change the style of the room, or you want window treatments that are more practical for access to your window. Either way, you want to be conscious of both the practicality of the window treatment you choose and the style you are trying to create.

Think about Light

If you would like to darken or lighten up your room, changing your window treatment can help you get the results you want. Heavier materials like dark heavy drapes or wood shades, blinds, or shutters will create a darker environment while thinner materials like sheer curtain panels will create a lighter environment. The color you choose will also either lighten or darken your room.

Think about Décor

It is always nice to change out window treatments in order to change the look of a room. You can do this by changing out your window treatment to match with the season. Also adding valences or swags are a great way to create the decorative look you are trying to achieve. You can mix window treatments in order to add a decorative style while maintaining accessibility; for instance, adding curtains with blinds is a great way to create a soft look while still allowing access to the window.

Types of Window Treatment

Curtains and drapes are made of fabric (such as cotton, silk, and polyester to name a few) and are hung from a rod. Curtains or drapes can help create your decorative look by adding color or pattern and different types of fabric can either darken or lighten up a room.

Window blinds are usually made of plastic slats, but can also come in wood. They run either vertically or horizontally and are maneuvered with a drawstring for full opening and a rod for partial opening. Blinds allow for easy access which makes them great choices for sliding glass doors or windows that are constantly being opened or closed. There are many choices available for San Diego window blinds.

Shutters are usually made of wood. They allow for easy accessibility because they can be opened easily with one hand. Shutters add a very rich sleek look to a room and are very practical for opening. Shutters, however, can be very pricey.


Some window treatments need to be customized to fit your window or door; though, you can often find generic sizes that fit the majority of the windows for most homes.