Buy Portable Home & Office Air Conditioners for Cheap

Windowless air conditioners are fast becoming popular home and office items as the rise in global temperatures rise. We know that the ozone layer is deteriorating with all the smoke coming from industries and cars. That layer is starting to form holes which allow the harmful UV rays to enter and slowly warm the planet. We have hotter summers and strange dry spells in otherwise wet seasons. Living becomes more uncomfortable day in and day out, and we start to sweat a lot. Even home temperatures are getting warmer; this is especially true if your home has small windows.

The rapid population growth makes urban planning difficult. Dwellings today are made by the height, not by the width. Blocks of apartments and pads in cities are bent to fit in as many people as possible while using the least space allowed. With this development, room sizes and windows shrink, so there’s not a lot of room for adequate circulation. Windowless air conditioners help in neutralizing the accumulation of heat in these small rooms effectively and economically. If you happen to own a small apartment, you should consider in having one because it is impractical to acquire a regular through-the-wall air conditioner; large air conditioners can also cool your room as well as the small ones, but use up a lot of energy at the same time, thus these make your electricity bills high.

It’s windowless… and it’s portable, too.

Many of these windowless air conditioners are also portable air conditioners; these are easy to move about the house or workplace. You can concentrate on cooling the “hot spots” in your place and when it’s done, you can transfer to another spot and continue cooling. Better yet, you can place the free moving unit near your work desk and neutralize heat in your immediate surroundings. At night, you can place the unit at the vicinity of your bed to reduce the humidity level of your room so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

Dealing with hot air and dripping water

Although these windowless air conditioners do not require you to make a hole so that you can insert the unit through the wall, you should consider a good path for the vent to have access to the outside. Proper venting enables windowless air conditioners to function properly. These units exhaust hot air – the worst thing that will happen is an overheating air conditioner – using a window kit and a hose. You don’t want the exhausted hot air to cancel out the cool air, so the venting must be properly planned.

There are models that require water to drip from the unit. That’s not a problem since most of these have built-in depots for the dripping water; after the depot becomes full, you can dispose of the waste water. This activity is tiresome and wastes time. Consider picking a no-drip windowless air conditioner as these units reuse the waste water to cool the system. That way, you can save yourself from both time and effort of carrying the tray to and fro the air conditioner.

Some guidelines for buying one

The British Thermal Unit, or BTU, is a good measurement to use in determining the right windowless air conditioners for you. The BTU is defined as the amount of energy needed to heat one pound (1 lb.) of water by one degree Fahrenheit (1 ⁰F) at a pressure of one atmosphere (1 atm). The BTU determines the cooling ability of the air conditioner; a higher BTU rating indicates that the air conditioner cools the room faster and more efficient. Windowless air conditioners have BTU indexes that range between 9000 to 13000 BTU – enough to cool rooms from 250 to 500 square feet. To save more energy costs, get one that has a rating from, and is approved by, Energy Star. Consider the specifications of your room like outside temperatures, insulation, and amount of direct sunlight as these can affect the effectiveness of the air conditioning unit.

Get yourself a bargain.

Windowless air conditioners are cheaper than regular air conditioners. A small unit can cost you for as less as about $300 for a 9000 BTU unit in an online appliance retailer. The venting kit is not included in the purchase, so you have to set aside some cash for that. Scout for better deals online, and inside appliance and home improvement stores. The parts can affect the price of a unit; cheaper models have lesser accessories and special features available.


In this age of modern living, we are on a constant lookout for things that benefit our daily living, especially today that our environment exhibits the consequences of our wrongdoing. As outside temperatures heat up, things like windowless air conditioners promise to make the human life a comfortable one.