Shared Folders

Hi Technomania here!

This is my first article on and I hope to get good comments.I know that many of you wanted to know how to get access to shared folders in Windows 7 and here I am writing a comprehensive tutorial  showing you the ways how to do it. So, move along with me and you will see how easy it is.


Now let's move on to the instructions!

Now, you must have noticed that Microsoft has brought about a new feature in its new operating system-Windows 7 and we call it HomeGroup which  is a networking function designed to ease the access of shared files without typing the paths of files or without having much knowledge about networking.

Follow These Simple Steps:

1. Create HomeGroup:-

(a) Switch the computer (on which the files that are store and which you wish to share) on and connect to your home network

(b) Click on the 'Start' bar and type 'Homegroup' in the search text box and type 'Homegroup'. Wait while the system searches and find the 'Homegroup' tool (Do not press 'Enter' while it is searching!)

(c) Click once on the 'Homegroup' to activate the tool. This is the first step in learning to  get access to the shared folders in Microsoft Windows 7. Create the Homegroup by clicking on the 'Create Homegroup' button and click 'OK' button. In the meanwhile, the system will create a password for the Homegroup. Create your own password by writing in the password field.

Note: Keep your password in a secure place!

(d) The next step is to select the types of file(s) that you want to make sharable with the Windows Homegroup. You can make Pictures, Musics, Videos, Documents or Printers sharable. The choice is yours. Click 'Save Changes' and close the tool.

(e) Go to the folder you wish to make sharable. The Homegroup will automatically share certain files but you can choose to turn 'On or Off' the sharing of specific folders. Right-click on the folder(s) you wish to make sharable, select 'Share With' and click 'Homegroup'. Repeat this same step with the folders you wish to make sharable.

2. Joining Homegroup:-

(a) Switch on the computer with which you want to get access to the shared folder(s) and connect to your home network.

(b) Repeat the step in (1. Create Homegroup part (b))

(c) Click once on the 'Homegroup' to activate the tool and this time Windows will show you a window where it will prompt you to join the existing Homegroup.

(d) Repeat the steps in (1.Create Homegroup part (d)) and click 'Next'.

(e) Type the Homegroup Password, Click 'OK' or 'Join Now'.

(f) Close the tool.

3. Accessing of Shared Folder(s):-

(a) Click the 'Start' button and click your username on the menu that appeared to you.

(b) Click on the arrow which is next to the name of the computer, in the Homegroup from the list found on  the left.

(c) Click the folder which you want to get access to view the contents in the window found on the right. Browse your files as you would normally on your computer. This is the last step.

You see? That was the simplest ever!

Useful Tidbits:

  • When you create a Homegroup in Windows 7, all computers running Windows 7 on the network can join the Homegroup and get access to the files as long as they have the workgroup password. That is why I told you to keep your password in a secure place.
  • Do not give your workgroup password to anyone whom you do not want to get access to your files.
  • Avoid using easy password but instead use password that mixes alphabets and numbers together.
  • For more security, you can add a firewall such as an internet security suite or you can even activate the Windows Firewall (it comes with every Operating Systems today.)
  • When you have a wireless network, make sure to set a password since many people can get unauthorised access to your personal files. To do that, Please consult the manual of your router or modem.