Review of Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade, available October 22, 2009.

Microsoft has long been a leader in the home technology world, and they are proving that leadership once again with their new operating system - Windows 7.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing Windows platform, then the latest and greatest choice is the Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade.

Windows 7 Home Premium is the new entry-level windows platform and with so many features, it's easy to see why.

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade ReviewThis operating system offers something for everyone and for more advanced users it offers networking, customization, and excellent multimedia applications.

Many of the more popular aspects of Windows Vista have been retained, and the platform as a whole has been created to be more efficient, faster, and simpler to use.

Many users will find the new features of Windows 7 Home Premium easy to learn and very useful. This operating system offers Fast User Switching that allows users to switch to a second user on the computer without logging out of the first.

This will certainly be handy on busy family computers when someone just needs to use the computer for a minute. No more waiting for the log out just to log back in again!

Product Features
  • Comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • Improved desktop navigation
  • Faster, easier, and safer internet use coupled with Internet Explorer 8
  • Quick and easy setup of a home network
  • Enhanced Windows Media Center to allow you quick access to pictures, music, and even television!
  • Included premium games like Chess Titans, Hearts, Checkers, and Mahjong Titans
  • Easier managing of multiple open windows and programs with full-screen previewing

If you are currently running Windows Vista then the transition to Windows 7 will be quick and easy, just make sure that you have the most current Service Pack installed before upgrading.

However, if you are running XP, then it's recommended that you purchase a newer computer that has Windows 7 pre-installed so that you know your system is capable of running the operating system correctly and efficiently.

You can test your computer that is currently running Windows XP to see if your system would be able to handle the upgrade, but this should be done by a computer professional.

So if you're ready to upgrade to the easiest to use Windows operating system ever, then the Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade is just what you're looking for.

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