Having been a Windows user dating way back to Windows 3.1 believe it or not, I have recently upgraded my Operating system to Windows 7. So I thought that I would write about some of the pros and cons of upgrading to the new OS. The following article is not meant to be a full review but simply observations of a user. When I was given the opportunity to upgrade my operating system there were some things that I was unaware of that may have changed the timing of my upgrade. So hopefully this will inform you of some of the things to be aware before you take the plunge.

The Good


One of the first things that I noticed about my experience with Windows 7 was the speed. There is a definite improvement to not only computer boot up time but to the speed in which it executed your programs. It allocates memory more efficiently and can take on much greater processing workloads than previous operating systems and still hum along with little to no lagging or noticeable slowdown.


The new windows 7 search tool makes looking for files as easy as you always thought that it should be. It begins giving search suggestions and possible file discovery options as soon as you start typing much like an internet search engine does, making it a great time saving tool when you can't remember where you saved a file.


The new taskbar is customizable with icons making it easier and faster to open the applications that you frequently use.

The Bad


My personal greatest lament with the new Operating System is program compatibility. I am a home recording enthusiast that uses my personal computer as a studio. I use special software and hardware for recording which I didn't find out until after purchase that it is in no way compatible with Windows 7 now and most likely will not be in the future. Which has left me with the choice of either overhauling and upgrading hundreds of dollars in software and hardware upgrades or reverting back to an earlier version of Windows, of which neither are desirable alternatives. So if you use complex expensive software you may want to make certain that it is going to be compatible with Windows 7 before you buy.

The Ugly

The ugly is the face I make when I try and decide what I want to do. Spend hundreds of dollars upgrading my software and hardware, or lose the money that I spent on purchasing Windows 7 and the time it will take to back up my entire computer and revert back to XP.