One day when you open your laptop, log in your account, you have suddenly no idea with your password. It has been too long since the last day you used the laptop. Actually, It’s not a big problem as many people may face this.


The first thing to avoid losing Windows 7 password (or other systems, like XP, Vista Windows 2008 etc) is writing download your password. A pamphlet is perfect, be remember it is your privacy.


Then you should create a windows 7 password reset disk for future use. Insert a blank CD to your computer, Click Control Panel—User Accounts and Family Safety. Then click User Accounts. In the left pane, click Create a password reset disk, then follow the instructions. At last, you should store the password reset disk in a safe place. When you forgot that account password, you can use a password reset disk to create a new one.


However, a password reset disk can only be created for local user accounts. If your computer is on a domain, a network administrator can reset your domain logon password.


If you haven’t done these two things and you are now facing windows password problem. Don’t worry, some useful guides may help.


1. Windows Password Reset disk.


If you have created a password reset disk before, just use the disk to reset your password

When entering a wrong password, it will show you the Password hint and you can reset password as following picture. Click Reset password…… it will show you the Password Reset Wizard. Then follow the instructions.


 2.  Ophcrack

It is a freeware windows password recovery program, if your password is simple, then this may help. Get a blank CD or USB, Download the program and install it. Burn the iso image file to CD or USB. The process can be done in any available computer. Then use the CD or USB to reset your locked PW. As I said above, it works only your password is simple. Or it won’t help. But don’t worry, see below.


3.  Windows Password Key.

It is a shareware, you need to pay for it. But it does 100% recovery rate. Unlike other shareware, This one work beautiful, according statistics, it has additional satisfied users over 1000000. If you don’t want to reinstall Windows, do not want to lose any data and files. Windows Password Key is a perfect choice.


The recovery process is very easy, like Ophcrack, you need to burn the iso image file to a blank CD or USB. Use the disk to reset the lost password to blank. Then you can enter your account without knowing the password.