Error Fix has been around for a number of years now and the latest incarnation has a long Windows error list for registry problems it can resolve. Here, we will take a look at the pros and cons of using the tool for standard registry repairs.

As with any tools of this type, it is imperative for it to be easy to install and use. The interface is simple enough to understand with a handful of main feature headings (scans, optimization, backups, IE tweaks, etc.).

Beginners may simply go for the 1-click option which scans and repairs the brunt of Windows error messages and issues that can occur due to registry corruption, as well as defragment the registry, clean out temporary internet files and remove sensitive personal data. Advanced users can drill down into the various scans and even do some startup program management in order to fine tune their PC performance.

Customer support appears to consist of an online ticket tracking system and live chat functionality, though no phone support is provided and there is a lack of an extended customer FAQ and ticket reporting system (that would let you see the faults and Windows error codes that others have reported).

As registry repair can appear to be an almost bland area of utility software, these tools always have some bonus feature to get customers. Error Fix is following the optimization & cleaning options with functionality for optimizing internet settings (all via the registry), clearing down temporary internet files (to free up some disk space) and evidence clearing (to securely delete any personal information you specify). However, one keep feature that closely relates to its core functionality is the automatic registry file backup that is done before each scan. Being able to restore a system by rolling back to a date-stamped registry is a great workaround following virus damage or bad application uninstalls.

The one bemusing feature in Error Fix was the Windows Update feature. I guess it may help resolve errors that the scan picks up but its presence didn't really add anything to the feature set. The 12 month upgrades period is also a little short when compared to competitors.

Summing up, Error Fix is a great little tool for repairing registry files on any edition/version of Windows (even Windows 7). It may not have enough customization features to keep advanced users satisfied but regular users wishing to repair, clean and optimize their system will find it's a usable tool that can quickly be run once a month to keep a computer in check.