Some time ago SPB released a new WVGA compatible Windows Mobile game that they call SPB Quads. Quads is a puzzle game where the object is to find four corners within a field of blocks that have the same colors. The bigger the rectangle you can match the more points you collect. As the game progresses it gets more difficult and more items and colors are added to the game.

SPB Quads is the full grown version of a mini game that SPB has put in another game before. You can find this game in the brain-fusing title called SPB Brain Evolution. In SPB Brain Evolution there is a game called 'quadronica' which is a game that has the same rules as SPB Quad but lacks the lush graphics and smooth game play.

SPB Quads

The game features a couple of modes that you can play. These modes are called 'Time Quad' and "Ever Quad' respectively. As the name already suggests Time Quad is a time based game where you battle against the clock to collect a set amount of points before the clock runs out. When you complete the goal the game will increase it's difficulty and you move on to the next level where you can collect more points. The Ever Quad mode let's you find patterns until you are fed up with it and quit the game to continue later on or start a new game in any of the game modes

The WVGA compatible game features all kinds of bonuses in the form of blocks with certain special abilities that let you blow up big parts of the screen or gives you a hint for the next rectangle to spot. There are also hints for when you get stuck, the game shows you a little animation that suggest a rectangle you can solve if you have been idle for too long.

The graphics of the game look great, I have tested it on different devices including the HTC Touch HD, Touch Pro 2 and the Touch 2 Diamond, all of these are WVGA devices and what I can say about it is that the graphics and animations feel really good at this resolution, while it also runs perfectly smooth on lower resolution devices. While not tested all Windows Mobile resolutions used in smartphones these days, it should work on all of them. The quality of the game sounds and music is also great, not perfect but great. The music kind of hums in the background and sets the mood for fast paced puzzling pleasure.

SPB Quads is a great game for it's cost ($9.99). If you enjoy puzzle games you will probably spend a lot of time on this game, and the cost compared to the hours of fun you could get out of it is quite low. However if you enjoy brain games and don't care too much about graphics and sound quality you could go for SPB Brain Evolution 2.0 which includes this game in a smaller form and many others.

Let's hope this trend of quality games continues for Windows Mobile also with the Windows Mobile marketplace coming to a close release date, it would be great if users of these devices could start to enjoy higher quality games sooner rather then later. Compared to a year ago many WVGA compatible games are coming out and Windows Mobile users are finally getting some entertainment brought to them.