Windshield Insurance: Wise Or Wasteful

Insuring your windshield is a move in the right direction. With the rising cost of windshield repair and replacement, your best course of action is to pre-empt any unforeseen eventualities. Of course, no precaution can completely protect your interests, as insurance companies are well aware, but they can minimize your risk of liability. Most insurance companies offer a wide range of products, so a little time spent sifting thorough the mass of information to steer clear of unwanted riders and suspect clauses will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Windshield Insurance Providers: The Major Players

Some of the top players in the Auto Insurance industry are Allstate, Classic Auto Insurance, Esurance, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Safeco and The Hartford. You can approach them through their websites for comprehensive and detailed information about the types of insurance they provide, the extent of coverage, exclusions, potential liability, etc. Insurance is a little-understood subject, and even veteran insurance sales professionals will admit (albeit in hushed tones) that they don't know all there is to know about insurance. So be bold and ask a lot of questions, even if an insurance sales person is unwittingly being impatient, or making you feel like you're ignorant - a little bit of throwing social propriety to the wind might save you hundreds of dollars later on.

Windshield Insurance Rates: The Actual Cost Of Insurance

Insurance companies, for the most part, will provide you auto glass insurance as part of the main policy. They usually ask you to pay a deductible, over which the cost of replacement will be borne by them. The deductible could be between $100 and $500, depending on several factors, all of which are queried on the insurance form. The trick is to know whether your premium will actually be considerably less than a replacement. You can establish this with a quick visit to a repair shop and enquiring about a full replacement of your windshield. If the premium per year works out to more than 25% of what it costs to replace the windshield, including your deductible, in four years you would have either paid an amount equal to a new windshield, or gotten a replacement windshield for about 25 to 75% less than a new one. If that's the case, it may not be prudent to opt for a separate auto glass policy.

Applying For Windshield Insurance

Most automobile insurance policies will offer glass protection as well, but be sure that you know the extent of the coverage. Many policies now offer allow zero-cost repairs for minor chips and cracks which, in turn, will alleviate the high cost of replacement. Companies like Esurance offer an easy online option to apply for auto glass insurance. Be sure to call their toll-free number for any questions prior to buying. The insurance application process doesn't end with the application and payment. Your case needs to be reviewed and approved for policy issuance. Unless that happens, you can't really be sure what you'll actually be paying. For example, if all your other details are in order, but you have had a DUI indictment in the last 10 years, then your premium goes up by so many percentage points. This is not exclusive to auto insurance alone.

Windshield Insurance: Balancing Benefits And Costs

If you've decided that your windshield, considering the quality, cost of replacement, and all the inserts such as antennae and embedded hardware, is worth insuring, then by all means go ahead and make the investment. However, if you feel that the cost of the deductibles and the premium, nearly balances out the actual cost of replacing your windshield, then reconsider other options, even to the extent of passing on auto glass insurance altogether. Either way, you're partially covered though your main auto insurance policy.