windshield repairs

Picture this, you are driving along, and then BANG, a rock, now you have a broken windshield, or a crack or a chip. Great, now what?. Now you need to add windshield repairs to your list of "to do" things today! It is hard to drive with a cracked or broken windshield.

You don't want it to get worse, but you know you should do something about it right?

So after work, you head to the local window shop for a quote on the windshield replacement cost, or possibly a windshield repair. The owner tells you to claim it on your car insurance. If you have full coverage on your car, you most likely have the "comprehensive" part that covers windshield repairs and windshield replacement costs.

Many times the deductible is quite low, or none. So, if you only have to pay $50.00 or nothing to you have windshield insurance cover the windshield replacement cost, this sounds good right?. So, you think great, take a deep breath and use your insurance. After all, windshield repairs can get expensive.

If you have windshield insurance, then they are going to tell you to just get a windshield replacement package, since you are only having to pay a small deductible you might as well get it replaced for the higher cost right?

So, you drive out of there a happy camper, and you now are sporting a new instead of a broken windshield! The repair shop bills your insurance company for the windshield replacement cost, and their labor, and you don't know anymore about it, since you just paid them your $50.00.

But fast forward down the road a bit. You have been good, your driving record is clean as a whistle. But one day you get caught up in a slight fender bender. You are considered at fault, but the damage is minimal, but you phone your insurance company, because that is what they are for right?

So, they fix your car, but then tell you that you are in jeopardy of losing the "good guy rate" because you have two claims on your record. Your mouth gapes open, and you say "I only have this claim". But what they don't always tell you, is that the windshield repairs, or windshield replacement counted as a claim. It sits there silently not causing any trouble or rate increases, as long as there is nothing else going on. The minute you mess up, then BOOM it shows up as a second claim.

So, now you could be faced with higher rates. This can also happen if you suddenly got speedy and got a big speeding ticket or two. They will now look at your record when working out your next renewal rate, and see the tickets, but will also note the windshield repairs claim.

So, what you should really do, to keep your car insurance rates down, is only think of your car insurance as something for the BIG ticket items, such as accidents, injuries, stolen etc. Pay for any of the smaller items such as windshield repairs out of your own pocket. Nothing is for free, and although your record at the time of the windshield replacement may have been great, this will now cost you, if you happen to mess up. We are human and this can happen. These claims tend to sit on your record for a couple of years. So, unless you can predict what your insurance record will be like over the next couple of years, then maybe you should consider paying for smaller items yourself.

Or if you can get the name and plate of the truck that hit you with rocks, you can go after them, but most likely you were shocked enough by the hit, that all you wanted to do was get to the side of the road right?

I know this may seem like a lot of money, some windshield repairs can be high. But tell the technician, you will NOT be claiming this repair, and see if they can try any of the new tech repairs they have now for filling chips and cleaning up scratches. This will be a cheaper way to go. When it is being claimed on insurance, you usually go for a windshield replacement cost since you want to get the most for your claim.

So, make sure and tell them you are paying for this yourself. You may get a better deal as they will try and possibly repair your broken windshield right then and there.

Just think of it the same way as when you dent your car at the parking lot or hitting a lamp post, and you know a claim will come back to bite you, and you get it fixed out of your own pocket. Treat a windshield repair the same way.

Keep your car insurance for the big items. The totally unaffordable items, really that is what it is for. The more small claims you have, the worse things will be when you really do have a claim. They will pay, but you will not be looked at as favorably for your renewal rate, if you have a lot of claims, big or small, they all count.

For windshield repairs, get to the window shop as quick as you can, since cracks will spread and this can become unsafe for you driving. A broken windshield will also cause vision problems, and every bump and pot hole you go over, things will just get worse, then you may just be faced with the windshield replacement cost, which can be high, depending on your car. So take care of the windshield repairs as fast as you can.

Keep it off your insurance, no matter how convincing the window tech is! Windshield replacement insurance may just cost you in the end. Check with your car insurance agent, and find out just where you stand with windshield repairs and how it affects your record if you get any other claims.