Windsor design 60" Hardwood Workbench Overview With Four Drawers

This Windsor design workbench is pure quality, especially given its price (usually around the $200 mark). It offers you extensive storage for any projects you have on the go, with it measuring 60 inches in width as well as a range of 16 bench dog holes to ensure that your pieces are held firmly in place. 

As you can see from the image of the Windsor design workbench is made from very solid hardwood (oak) and has a set of four draws that have been felt-lined to keep all relevant gear stored neatly away. It also comes with a wood block vise & machined guides (all of which are adjustable). In all, a very good work bench available at a budget type price.

Specifications & Features 

Dimensions: 60" x 20" x 32" | Total Ship Weight: 109 pounds | Price Range: $200

You are getting a bench with 14 dog holes, that has four metal as well as four hardwood pegs and is based with four separate draws. It can hold a total weight of 250 lb and with each one of the four drawers (25 lbs). With the vise capacity measuring at 7", the table height at 32 inches, length at 60 inches and width of 32 inches.

Shelf dimensions: 47.25" x 14.75" x 2.5"

Four Drawer dimension: 21.5" by 15.25" by 3" 

Windsor Design Workbench with 4 Drawers, 60 Hardwood
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(price as of Jun 9, 2014)

Windsor Design Review

Many who have bought the bench are seemingly impressed after putting it together (which takes roughly around the 1.5 hours mark - be sure to follow the instructions on this bench though) on its overall "beautiful" look and practicality. Don't be concerned with it being made in China, it is definitely built to last - you can add to the support though with fitting extra screws as well as a strong APE glue (particularly the drawers). Note: by glueing it though, this will impact your returns and warranty policy.

You will notice with most reviews of the Windsor design workbench that most have customized in some form or another to get the best out of it for them whether that means adding more holes to "accommodate the different sized pieces of wood", adding casters to the legs to make it more mobile or moving the vice. It is a great template as a bench to build upon. 

Windsor Design WorkbenchCredit: design

Also, the felt lined drawers just give it that edge of class over your standard work bench, even for models that can potentially cost a lot more. They are perfect for storing away chisels, files and rasps & any other small tools you need keeping neatly away. This is basically an ideal workbench for someone who is looking for it to be sturdy and secure without coming with a ridiculous price tag -- it really does offer excellent value for money (most reviews can definitely back this up).

Recommended Trick - a common tip that gets floated around with when buying one of these work benches is to use a 18 by 22 inch cardboard sheet and place it directly under the bench work top, then place the trays -- this will collect sawdust going through the dog holes. 

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