Quality Oak Barrel Bar Stools

For a unique but fitting look in a home bar or favorite gathering place next to a high table or counter, wine barrel bar stools are a very stylish choice. Made from oak barrel staves that come from barrels once used in winemaking, these stools are strong, attractive, and offer a natural warm beauty to the room.

Wine Barrel Furniture Options

Wine casks are used to make several different types of furniture including coffee tables, high bar tables, end tables, chandeliers, and bar stools or chairs. Because this furniture uses the solid vintage oak that was once used to make dependable wine barrels, the wood is thick and strong and will last for a long time.

Barstools are a fantastic way to display this rich oak, and with the natural curves and generous thickness of the wood staves that come from the barrels, the wood seems to be a perfect length and thickness for making high stools suitable for a bar. Even the metal hoops that were once part of the barrels can be used to form metal accents like a foot rail or ring around the seat top.

To give stools a unique look that will match your space, the tops can be changed in a number of ways. Several options are available, including fabric in any color or pattern, rich leather that will provide long-lasting comfort, or a durable wooden top made from either solid oak or by joining more staves from the barrel and cutting them down to size. Like other bar stools, seats may either be fixed in place or may swivel, depending on the design and your preference.

Sturdy and Strong Sturdy Bar Stools

A wine barrel stave bar stool will stand the test of time. This wood makes for a very strong stool that will support anyone, even the big guys, securely. The solid oak from winemaking barrels is carefully crafted and kiln dried when first produced so that it will be hard and durable. When these barrels are retired from the vineyard, the wood is as strong as ever and ready for a new purpose.

For an authentic bistro look and feel, finish your space off with a stylish but sturdy set of stools made from the thick staves. These seats will be a conversation piece and wear through the years like iron. You will appreciate the difference between the durability of solid oak and softer woods often used to build other stools.

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Environmentally Friendly Bar Stools

By using recycled wine barrel staves, these bar stools will not require newly harvested wood. That’s good for the earth, but good for you as the finished look is rich and vintage in appearance. Retired oak wine barrels have color variances and natural character, and some even carry the burgundy stain left behind from a past batch of fine wine.

Often the metal used in the stools also is recycled from the metal hoops that hold the barrel staves securely in place. The rustic appeal of a barrel hoop footrail is attractive and is a great way to repurpose the metal that might otherwise find its way to the junkyard. Other metal features like cross supports are frequently made from this same metal.

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Completing Your Home Bar Space

Add some character to your home bar or kitchen counter or island seating area with a set of wine barrel stools. They will look right at home next to a table or bar and pair perfectly with a glass of your favorite red wine. These dependable stools are a great addition to any bar area, and they will add a warm old world charm to the space.

You might even fancy having a go at crafting your own wine barrel bar stool if you are half decent at a bit of DIY. There are hundreds of great free online resources with regards to bar stool plans that can literally make it a step by step simple process (with the YouTube video above being a great example of that). The only real concern you will have is where to buy wine barrels from -- specifically what type you are after (e.g. wood type, finish, size).

In all though, they look awesome and are a great way to upcycle. Whether it be from a domestic or commercial point of view, they are unique, add a great feel to a place and at the least act as a decent talking point (especially when you get other bits of furniture made from old oak barrels involved as well such as wine wooden barrel light fixtures etc.).