What probably started out as simply a way to ingeniously use some old wine barrels to make a temporary piece of furniture such as a desk has since blossomed into a huge industry, yet still a very niche aspect of interior design. Whether you choose to make your own or buy prebuilt, wine barrel décor is an exciting way to spruce up any house or office interior. 

Wine Barrel Furniture

One of the first things many people do is start by buying a single piece of furniture made from an old oak barred barrel. The problem with this is it is very addicting and you will soon find new pieces of furniture you want to buy pre-made in this style and it can get expensive very quickly. One way to overcome the potentially prohibitive costs is to build your own wine décor. 

Building your own furniture can be both very time consuming and expensive, but you can save a lot of money if you are handy with projects and can come up with used cheap wood barrels to use. Although some of the more complex projects such as a rustic barrel couch may require some woodworking skills, you can get by making other wine barrel décor items with little to no woodworking skills. Projects such as a coffee based table can be made with only basic artistic skills and a handsaw, although a powered saw does make this project much easier.

Barrel End Table
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By using old wine barrels you can make everything from coolers, cabinets, lazy susans, end tables, and more! Some projects such as a dog bed made from an old barrel can take an afternoon to build while other projects will be much more complex such as if you are building a wine barrel island and stool set.

Wine Cask Accessories

Wine barrel décor also consists of items that supplement the look of wood cask furniture. This type of décor can include amazing looking items such as a coffee table made of wine bottle corks. You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy the majestic looks of wine related paraphernalia that can accent any homes interior.

The Modern Trend

In the past wine barrel interior decorating was often seen as a “cheesy” item found predominately at tourist trap restaurants. Although the “cheesiness” can still be found at a few places, the modern implementation of wood barrel decorating has definitely moved up on the luxuriousness scale. Today you can find beautiful looking barrel décor at many fancy restaurants and expensive up-scale homes. 

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New or Used Barrels? 

You can buy new or used wood barrels as well as prebuilt items using new or used barrels. Some people may be hesitant to use a used barrel as part of their interior design theme, but they shouldn’t be. A well-used wine cask will be the better choice for your wine barrel furniture and accessories because it will have “character” and color. The character aspect will be that you can be proud of the fact that your new piece of furniture was once used to age wine, maybe even wine that you or a friend may have purchased at one point. The color is the most important aspect.

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A used wood keg from a winery that has been used for multiple seasons will be naturally stained from the wine that was once stored in it. The color variations are very unique and will vary depending on the type of wine stored in it. A red wine will tend to naturally stain the wood darker, but even light-colored Zinfandels can be beautifully colored. Many crafters will simply apply a liberal clear-coat over the surface of the barrel and not add any artificial stains that are generally used in wood-working. You are basically protecting and illuminating the wood that was stained to perfection by the wine. You can also avoid the toxic fumes associated with wood stains.

Modern Wine Keg Furniture as a Business

If you find that you have a knack for building furniture and accessories from old wine kegs then you can help fund your new hobby by selling some of the pieces you make. There is a large demand for this type of decor and if you can get your completed pieces seen by people at places such as your State Fair, then you can literally turn this hobby into a business.