A wine barrel end table is the perfect bookend for your favorite comfortable sofa or chair that you frequent when relaxing with a glass of your favorite wine, or for a chat with family and friends. An end table made from wood that was formerly used in winemaking has a past story to tell and is a true conversation piece. If you are looking for a piece of stylish furniture that is unique and adds instant character to a room, a table made of wine barrel staves is a great choice.

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Recycled Wood End Table

Perhaps the best thing about using wine barrels to make furniture is that, rather than being wasted, the high-quality wood that they were originally made of is reused to create something beautiful that will last for generations. You might be surprised just to the extent of what people actually make from barrels from beautiful chandeliers to elegant yet practical bar stools.

The wood used in making wine casks is known for being very strong, and it is harvested and kiln dried in a very specific way to make it durable and long lasting. This makes the wood a great choice to use in furniture making - even for heirloom furniture pieces.

Retired oak wine barrel staves are thick and strong, having been made from quality hardwood, and even the metal bands that were once part of the barrels are often used in the same furniture creations that the staves are used for, especially in pieces like small round end tables.

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Wine Barrel Table Styles

When it comes to side tables, the natural curve found in the oak barrel staves can really show themselves off, making a statement as elegantly curving table legs that will make you think they were bent specifically for the table. This shape is pleasing to the eye and offers a soft and comfortable look. It is easy to find end tables with these curved legs when recycled oak barrels are used, particularly in small round side table designs.

Sometimes the staves are straightened out to make a more contemporary piece. These tables have a clean and sturdy look, but still show off the natural beauty and color of the hardwood. Regardless of the leg style, you can find tables with a top made of joined wooden staves from the barrels as well, which is a nice finishing touch. Some will even have the stamp of the vineyard right where you can see it for added character.

Wine Barrel Table
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On the informal side, a full barrel that is simply finished as-is is a really neat addition to a casual space or cabin. It is sturdy and strong, and will fit right in with the other decor. For shorter tables with the same character, a three-quarter or half barrel are options that will be more suitable for positioning next to a lower seating area. 

On the truly rustic side, since the wood is durable and can take some weather, wine barrels may be used to make outdoor patio furniture, including end tables and even outdoor coffee tables. Having a solid wood patio table that will last is difficult when rain and sun are involved, but a used stave table will last for quite a while outdoors.

Stylish End Table

An end table made from recycled wine barrel wood can look anything from rustic to contemporary, and everything in between, and it will make a statement in any room. This simple, yet elegant endcap will offer a one-of-a-kind feature to the space and add a warm, wine country charm at the same time.

If you are looking for a feature table that is unique, good for the planet, and built-to-last for generations, a table made from wine barrels or repurposed wooden staves is an excellent choice.

You might even fancy having a go at building one yourself if you are quite savvy when it comes to wood. All you need is to get hold of a decent oak barrel for sale and you are away, because all the resources and plans on how to construct one are freely available on the internet and are actually to a high quality standard.