Used & Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture

Wine barrel furniture has been around for years. The wine barrels themselves were not made just to hold liquid in.They were designed to swell and expand and the oak barrels actually added to the taste of the wonderful wines stored in them.

Yes I know it seems a shame to want to cut them up when they are responsible for storing such beautiful varieties of wines. Although once they age the wine makers no longer want to use them for their precious wine storage.

In more recent times the barrels themselves have actually been responsible for creating new businesses. Creativity and imagination has taken it into new areas to make wine barrel furniture for home (such as coffee tables and what not), garden (planters) and patio entertaining (chairs etc.).

Here are a few suggestions for things that you can make in your own home if you are the handy type of person or you can purchase the barrel furniture premade through the various businesses or online auctions.

One of these will be a talking piece around your patio

How to Make a Garden-Barrel Water Feature

Here are the basics instructions to make your own water feature:

First you need to purchase a wine-barrel.Then cut it in half.To do this you need to lay on side and measure to get the center. Then cut through the center of the bunghole (this is usually the center) of the barrel. Once you have cut it in half sandpaper the edges on both halves of the cut edge and give it a real thorough wash and leave to dry.

You can stain the outside with varnish, working with the way of the grain to keep it even. Staining will make it look new or you can leave it in its natural state.

Wine-barrels naturally store wine so unless they have been empty for a considerable length of time you can fill with water without it leaking.If it leaks leave to soak until the leak takes up. If it still leaks you can buy a plastic liner from your garden center.

Put liner inside and fill with water. Put a water lily or plant of your choice into a pot and weight it down with a clean washed stone.
You can add a water fountain if desired or a couple of fish.The fish would reduce the risk of mosquitoes breeding in the water.

Uses for Wine barrels

Half Barrel planters


If you made the barrel water feature, you can now use the other half of the barrel to use it as a planter pot for a fruit tree or any other type of garden shrub.If not you could go and buy a half barrel from a garden center. Or another option is to go halves with a neighbor and cut a wine barrel in half and have a planter pot each.


These make a beautiful planter pot.You can stain them with varnish to spruce it up or keep it in its natural state.


Wine-Barrel End Table

These little beauties will enhance any back garden or patio entertaining area. Again you can make them by using half. Plus you will need to get a sheet of fairly thick ply.Now there are two or three ways of doing this you can cut a piece of ply to fit inside the half barrel. Or you can cut a larger piece of ply to sit over the top and overlapping the barrel.This will allow people sitting around it to let their feet actually fit under the table.

You stain this to make it more stylish and match the rest of your garden furniture.You could also turn the barrel upside down and use the base as the top.The decision is entirely up to your preference.


Wine barrel chair


These chairs and stools are unique as from the back they still appear to look like the old wine barrel.I cannot vouch for their comfort although they would still look good out in the garden or under your patio.Plans to make one of these are available free at woodworkersworkshop dot com.


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