It’s easy to add a classic Napa style to a special room with a light fixture made from recycled wine barrels. For those searching for a one-of-a-kind lighting option to place in a special area, a wine barrel light fixture will be a beautiful focal point and will add instant character to the space.

Wine Barrel Light Options

There is no shortage of design choices when it comes to light fixtures or free standing lights and lamps made from wine casks. You can find everything from wall sconces to lamps to hanging fixtures that would make a spiral staircase proud. Regardless of the style, you can bet that since these fixtures are built with recycled materials, each is handcrafted by a skilled designer one at a time, which gives each light a custom-built look.

A chandelier is one of the most striking options available. Chandeliers may be made primarily from the bent metal rings of the barrels for an urban look, or mostly from the wooden staves to make a bent-wood chandelier with elegant curves. Of course, a mix of both wood and metal material is readily available too and creates a rustic yet elegant look. For a grand foyer or dining room, a wine barrel chandelier is a compelling choice.

Wall sconces made from barrels are very attractive and have a custom-made look for a space. These add urban chic to a hallway or dining room and, like the chandeliers, can take on a soft aged look when wooden staves are used or a rustic charm when made completely from recycled barrel rings.

Custom fixtures exist for nearly any other lighting need as well, from simple reading table lamps to overhead flush-mounted lighting. You can even find multi-light fixtures meant to hang over a kitchen island, countertop or bar area, and these are truly unique. Wine barrel lighting options are simplistic but exciting at the same time, which means they won’t dominate a space but they will certainly be noticed.

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Benefits of Using Barrels

Using barrel wood and metal to make lighting for the home is an environmentally rewarding choice and good for the planet. Wine barrels are used in the vineyard for only so many years as the flavor wears off, so they they must be retired in favor of fresh casks. However, the wood and metal is still in wonderful shape for other uses like lighting.

Instead of sitting around and wasting away, the rustic wine barrel rings make great works of art and the recycled one-inch thick barrel staves are made of solid oak, so they are extremely useful for making attractive lighting that will last forever.

Wine barrels from Napa and other famous winemaking regions have plenty of life left in them once they retire from the vineyard, and the environmentally conscious decision to reuse them to add lasting beauty to a home is an easy one to make.

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Character and Charm

The best part about reusing barrels in light fixtures is that it is no sacrifice at all. These fixtures are modern and chic, rustic yet elegant and really feel like a piece of art on the wall or ceiling rather than a run-of-the-mill option you may see in other places.

Because they are handmade from recycled components, each is so unique and makes a statement with a naturally-aged look that it will get noticed. The addition of soft lighting or attractive Edison bulbs will only add to the stylish, vintage look.

If you are looking for great character in a custom light fixture that has a rustic simplicity but is suitable for the most formal spaces in your home, a wine barrel light fixture is a wonderful choice.