Collecting fine red and white wine can be a fun hobby to get into. If you're a man or woman of fine taste that loves collecting the best wines, then you'll have to purchase yourself a really nice wine cellar cooler. Home wine cellar coolers are available in different sizes. Most are pretty expensive depending on how much bottles of wine that you collect, and need for storage. The best ones will include electronic controlled temperatures with humidity, strong wine racks, insulation, and UV protected glass doors.

So why choose wine cellar coolers for storing red and white wines? Well, bottles of wine require a different temperature than say produce foods, and other beverages. The recommended wine refrigerator's temperature is usually between 55-58 degrees in fahrenheit. Wine storage coolers also require a high enough humidity at 60% to prevent the moisture from escaping the bottle of wine, and evaporating into the air. You could always build a wine cellar, but if you have no idea what you're doing, then that can be a hassle. Down below are some of the best home cellar coolers for sale online for decent prices. Store up to dozens to 75 bottles of your best  red and white wines.

Small Home Wine Cellar Coolers

Haier Coolers - The Haier HVD024E is one of the nicer and extremely cheap wine refrigerators you'll find out on the market. It's perfect for home owners who like to drink the best chilled red and white wines, and keep a decent amount of bottles stored and cooled for a refreshing drink. It will hold up to 24 bottles of your finest red and white wines. It's built as if it were a mini refrigerator. It's not very big, and pretty easy to move yourself. You can keep stored upstairs in the kitchen, dining room, living room, or your wreck room. If you like your wines a little cooler, then you can chill it down to 45 degrees. Temperature settings are between 45-60 degrees. Some of the other features include dual LED readout, and auto setting for red and white wines. It's going for sale online for under a hundred dollars. That's a great bargain on home wine cellars.


Avanti Coolers - If you have something even smaller in mind, then the Avanti EWC-1201 home refrigerator cooler is going for sale online for prices well under a hundred dollars. It will store up to 12 bottles of your favorite wines. It features a beautiful concave glass door and a black cabinet with caster wheels. Very small and easy to move without scratching floor surfaces. It can be stored right in your kitchen. The wire wine racks are made from chrome. Very durable and sturdy for storing your most expensive wines. It's going for sale online for a great bargain at provantage. This is usually a home wine cellar cooler that goes for prices around a hundred dollars or more.

A 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

A 12 Bottle Wine Cooler (EWC1201)
Amazon Price: $299.00 $89.04 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 23, 2014)

Large Home Wine Cellar Coolers

Haier Coolers - There are a lot of different Haier home wine cellar coolers out on the market. The Haier HW42WF10NG 42-Bottle Single Zone cooler features a beautiful graphite trim. If you're making your own wine at home, or you are starting your own wine business, then these are the type of cellar coolers you'll want to purchase. It will store up to 42 bottles. Haier makes some of the better wine coolers out on the market. Good features that include LED displays, controlled electronic thermostats, an auto setting for red and white wines, and a very secured vinyl wire rack for storage. It's a bit expensive, but its going for sale online for a decent value, considering the storage room offered.

Silent 48 Bottle 2-Zone Wine Refrigerator

Silent 48 Bottle 2-Zone Wine Refrigerator (Stainless Steel)
Amazon Price: $576.04 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 23, 2014)

Danby Coolers - Need more storage room? The Danby DWC612BLP is a larger home wine cooler refrigerator that can store up to 75 bottles. It's one of the higher rated wine cooler refrigerators out on the market. Better yet it will keep you well under a thousand dollars. It's going for sale for some pretty amazing prices. Not often you'll find a 75 wine capacity storage cellar that's one of the most highly rated going for a much cheaper price. Features include a tempered glass door, electronic controls, LED display, and slide out wine racks. Temperate range goes from 42.8 degrees to 57.2 degrees. It's a tall and narrow wine cellar, so it shouldn't take up much space in your home. It's highly recommended that you store wine cellar coolers up stair. Downstairs it gets too damp. You can purchase for sale for a good price at Sam's Club.

Danby 75 Bottle Wine Cooler

Danby DWC612BLP 75 Bottle Wine Cooler - Platinum
Amazon Price: $1,750.00 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 23, 2014)