Having the perfect temperature for your favourite wine is important, and so wine chillers and wine coolers have come a long way from that old ice bucket from yesterday!

Many times, white wines were served too cold and red wines too warm, and so with all the different wines on the market now, it is nice to get that wine at the perfect temperature to enjoy with your guests.

Since it can be very difficult to control an ice bucket, there are many new products on the market now that can keep your bottle at the perfect temperature.

Urban Trend Waterfall Wine Chiller – This particular product bathes your bottle of wine with a waterfall of ice cold water that is just the right temperature.

Wine Chiller - Wine CoolerCredit: amazon.com

It is computer controlled with a built in optional rotation feature to gently chill that wine.  It will also maintain the right temperature so that you can continue to enjoy the wine even after the first glass has been emptied!  It is also decorative with that brushed steel look.  It has a built in auto shut off to control the environment your bottle is in.

If you are really serious about your wines and having them served at the right temperature, then this product would be something to consider. 

Iceless Wine Chiller – If you prefer something less high tech, and simply want to keep that bottle of wine chilled for that second glass later on, then this style of wine cooler works better than an ice bucket.  Wine CoolerCredit: amazon.com

You simply pre-chill your wine to the perfect temperature in your refrigerator, and then this double walled, clear acrylic chiller will keep your wine at the perfect temperature for up to 3 hours. 

It does not sweat or cloud and therefore looks good without leaving a puddle of water on your dining table or out on your patio table.  No need to add ice, it makes a simple way to enjoy your chilled beverages and looks good too.  Wine coolers should look nice on your table.

Vacu Vin Prestige Stainless Steel Table Top Wine Cooler – If you need a bottle of wine chilled really fast, then this product is something a little different.  Small Wine CoolerCredit: amazon.comIt contains a “rapid ice cooling element” that can chill a bottle of wine in 5 minutes, plus it will keep it cool for many hours.

You keep this product in the freezer then when you need to chill that bottle, you take it out and place the bottle in the Vacu Vin container.  There is no water, or ice, and no wet bottles and labels sliding off!

Ravi Solution Instant Wine Chiller – Now this one is cool!  If you tend to forget to chill wines, and now you have friends coming over, this isBottle Top Wine ChillerCredit: amazon.com a really portable way to cool wine instantly. 

 You keep this product in the freezer then when it is needed you place it in the top of the wine bottle and the wine is instantly chilled as it pours through this gadget.  The tube is stainless steel which is used in wine fermentation tanks, so there is not altering of taste. 

It has an inner frozen tube, and also a valve to control flow and help control temperature.  It works for about 90 minutes, and you simply hand wash it after use and then put it back in the freezer for next time. 

This would also work great if you have managed to get through those bottles of chilled wine in your refrigerator and need to get into those “back- up” bottles you have on the shelf!  You want to serve your wine at the perfect temperatures and this way you can.

Prodyne Iceberg Party Tub – If you prefer the simpler way to get those beverages cold, then this is a great looking party tub.  It will hold cans and bottles.  Throw in that bag of ice, and you are ready for a party.  Nothing high tech about this, other than it looks really good compared to those old Styrofoam coolers that are usually parked on the patio or deck with everyone fishing for their beverage!  This one will look good right on the table and you can see the contents. Wine Chiller BucketCredit: amazon.com

This tub also has handles to make it easier to use and transport. 

There are many new wine chillers and wine coolers on the market to make your entertainment less stressful and messy.  You no longer have to worry about wet bottles, dropped bottles and sliding off labels and the mess it causes when entertaining.  Enjoy that wine down to the last drop all at the same temperature as that first glass.

You can purchase many of these products in wine stores, and also some kitchen supply stores, but you can also find many online at sites such as Amazon.  Go surfing and find one that works for you.