Great Ideas for Recycled Crafts

Wine cork crafts are perfect for the wine drinker, they can show off your prized bottles as most corks have beautiful stamps on them and the cork itself has beautiful patterns and colour variations.  They can create true works of art long after the wine and the bottle are gone.

So, if you have been looking for ideas for recycled crafts then check out these DIY wine cork craft ideas.  You can make them all from scratch yourself or you can get kits to help you along.  Either way you can now display your corks in a totally useful way rather than just throwing them in a drawer or worse, throwing them out with the wine bottle.

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Wine Cork Trivet Kit
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If you have been throwing them out, then after you see these crafts you may just change your mind as these are an awesome way to use wine corks and they are tiny pieces of art on their own with their printing and patterns.  Grouping them together just adds to the beauty.

So, stop throwing them out today, consider upcycling and keeping them out of the waste, they are too good for that.

Wine Cork Trivet

This is a really cool idea especially if you don’t have a ton of corks collected yet.  The dollar store can be your best friend here, as many dollar and discount stores sell deep unfinished lightweight wooden frames or shadow boxes.

If you get a shadow box, simply take the glass out and go ahead with your craft, you can even layer it with the not so good corks on the bottom to give it height or stand all your corks vertically for another variation.  For this idea you will need a wooden frame, lots of corks and a glue gun.

Paint or stain your wooden frame and then lay your corks out in the pattern you would like, then take the glue gun and glue them down.  Get rid of any excess glue strings, and take some small pieces of cork and glue to the underside of this wooden frame so it can sit on a table without damage.

This trivet is perfect for sitting hot pots and casserole dishes on it for the counter or for serving at the dining table as cork is perfect for protecting from heat damage. 

You can easily make one yourself or if you prefer, you can purchase the trivet kits online at Amazon.

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Oenophilia Bamboo Cork Service Tray Kit
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Wine Cork Serving Tray

This one is really nice and great way to display any older corks as many are stamped with ink patterns and dates.  If you collect corks this is a great way to show them off and yet protect them as they will be under glass. 

If you want to make this yourself, simply purchase a wooden tray from the discount or dollar store and then paint or stain it to your desired effect. 

Lay the corks in a pattern on their sides in the bottom of the tray, and once you are happy with the effect you can glue them down.

Then go to a glass cutting store, and have a piece of glass cut to fit on top of your corks snuggly, this will then protect your display while using the tray for serving.

You can also get kits to create a wine cork serving tray like this online at Amazon.

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Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Board Kit
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Wine Cork Board

This is a really fun and useful way to use up those wine corks and if you create a pattern they are really nice to look at on the wall too even without notes attached.

Simply purchase a larger wooden frame of your choice with a wooden board back (and depending on how many corks you have) and take out the glass and any excess packaging and then start gluing your corks into the frame in the pattern you have chosen.  Make sure and display the printing if there is any for an added effect.

Make a few of these and group them together on a wall in the kitchen where all the activity is.  You could have different sized ones for different family members and purchase colourful push pins to keep track of everyone’s activities.  You can also purchase these as kits online at Amazon.  It would make a great gift idea too!

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Wine Barrel Hoop Cork Kit
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Wine Cork Art Display

Or you can simply display them just like a memory board of all those great bottle of wine you had and remember who you shared them with.  You can simply create a frame and back it with wood and then add your corks in any design with the printing side up.

This is like a memory board of great friends and fun.  You can then spray your display with a satin varnish finish to protect it from dust, and then hang on the wall.  This would make a great framed art piece for the garage workshop, den or bar.

You can get a wine barrel frame online at Amazon that could house all your old corks.

When looking for ideas for recycled crafts, you can simply get started by cleaning your house.  This is when you get out a tub with a lid and as you clean out drawers in your kitchen or junk drawers in your dresser, you can throw any item you don’t want to get rid of into this bin for later ideas.

You may come across lots of stray beads, or broken jewelry, or wine corks.  Any of these can be upcycled into pieces of art or something useful.

So, simply separate them out of the junk, and then after the house is de-cluttered you can then look at them at start to think of things you can do to create pieces of useable art such as you can with the above wine corks.

Shop Online to Add to Your Wine Corks

Shop online to add to your collection if you run short of corks or other supplies.  Amazon is a great place to start.

If you have decided to do a wine cork craft and you would need to consume way too many bottles of wine to create the craft you want, then ask your friends and neighbours to collect them for you, or order some extras online.

This still makes a unique and yet affordable craft.  So, if you are looking for ideas for recycled crafts then wine cork crafts is the perfect one to start with.