It can be easy to break long stemmed glasses, and therefore a wine glass dryer would make a great addition to your kitchen or a great gift idea for anyone on your list. 

If you have some very nice wine glasses, or delicate ones, or long stemmed ones, then trying to fit them in the dishwasher can be a disaster.  Most times they will not fit in the top shelf of the dishwasher, which means they now have to fit into the general plates, pots and pans area, which means if they are not secured properly they run the risk of breaking on the other dishes.

This is where a dryer can really come in handy.  It is basically a “tree” that allows for up to 4 glasses to be gently suspended to dry streak free.  The area for the stem and bottom of the glass is soft padding and if you sit this on a towel, it will catch all the drips, and if you wash your  glass in hot soapy water and then rinse well, it should dry quite quickly using a this easy to use  dryer.

It is better to wash your glasses separately, and not put them in the general dish rack that you have sitting at the side of the sink, as many glasses will fall over.  With all the cool tall beautiful glasses and funky wine glasses that are on the market now, it can make it difficult to wash them and dry them well.Wine Glass Dryer

By using a special dryer, you don’t have to be stuffing your tea towel into them to try and dry them before putting them away, you simply wash, rinse and hang them.  These are portable too.  When you are finished with it, they fold away until the next time, this way they don't take up space on your counter.

Architec Air Dry Wine Glass Drying System

So, if you have been lining your glasses up along the edge of the sink or out on that tea towel waiting for them to dry, then you may find this to be a better way.

You can get a few of these for after that dinner party, and simply wash the wine glasses first before anything else and then set these wine glass dryers up out of the way, and hang your glasses upside down to dry.  The problem with just lining them up on a towel is that there is no air flow to dry the inside of the glass, and you end up using a towel and risk breaking delicate wine glasses. 

Other than the washing part, this is basically a “hands off” way to dry those nice wine glasses of yours.  These wine glass dryers can be used for all kinds of wine glasses including the plastic wine glasses.  They will dry faster and with no streaks.

So, quit risking your stemware in the dishwasher, and get them their own dryer, get them washed first and out of the way of the other dishes and you will be pleased with their streak free appearance.

You can get these wine glass dryers at some kitchen supply stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.  They just make life easier when it comes to washing wine glasses.

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this is a great way to keep them clean and sparkling.