Wine is a very well-known way to spice up your evening dinners, may they be with special occasions, like anniversaries, poolside parties or romantic dinners, for its diverse tastes and the way they compliment most types of food. And whether you just have a thing for the beverage we all love, or if you merely are someone who enjoys a nice meal with this beverage, you should seriously consider that one of the crucial methods of keeping and maintaining an appropriate wine collection is by knowing all there is to know about the various types and styles of wine glass racks available.

What are wine glass racks?

When built properly, wine glass racks are specifically meant to hold from one to over one hundred bottles of any kind of wine you wish to keep. Furthermore, wine glass racks are very useful and functional in helping keep the wine stored in the proper manner to maintain the properties that make this drink so attractive. And not only that, wine glass racks can even serve as a decoration to any room you place them in, as they are more often than not stunningly beautiful. If your dining room is too dreary and needs a much-needed touch of elegance, or just a little bit of spicing up, then you really should decide to get one of the finest glass racks available.

Tips on selecting wine glass racks

First and foremost, know what size you need for your room. Does it have enough space? You don’t want to stuff oversized wine glass racks in small rooms. You will find racks in many different sizes, shapes and designs. Most of them are able to hold many wine bottles, and other smaller types do not hold as many. If you own a restaurant or bar and want to place wine glass racks to liven up the place, then more likely than not you will go for the bigger ones, but if you want to get one from your home, the smaller ones will suffice.

And while selecting one from the many wine glass racks out there, try to choose one that compliments the style of the room you’re placing it in. Remember that you should never try to contrast the color scheme of the room you are placing it in, or else it will not blend.

If you want some versatility for your glass racks, you might want to go for wooden racks. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and they are always the safest choices when it comes to wine glass racks.

For a more modern, edgy feel, metal racks are very good options for you. Not only are these wine glass racks stylish, they are also easier to carry and set in the room as they are considerably lighter than wooden wine glass racks. As they are much lighter than most types of wine glass racks, metal wine glass racks are usually a lot easier to install.

Some types and designs of wine glass racks are made to come with hardware and parts that allow you to install them over bars, tables or kitchen islands. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Over, not under, not beside. You know, like those kitchen cabinets that are installed over sinks and kitchen countertops. Some other brands of wine glass racks are specifically built to be hung vertically on the wall. Before going with hanging wine glass racks, though, think about how you will hang it, and how you want it to look with the rest of the room.

If you do not have any space for the previous types of wine glass racks, then get a cabinet with a wine glass rack built inside it. With this, you will save up a lot of space and money, since you will be spending on the cabinet and no more. These cabinets are very special since they have places where you can store a few bottles and other utensils like corkscrews.

Before you whisk off to hardware shops, browsing catalogs for the best wine glass racks, set a budget. How much money do you want to spend on wine glass racks? Can you afford larger racks or should you stick with the smaller ones? Keep your budget in mind.

And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, make sure that you pick racks that are sturdy and will hold up for years and even lifetimes to come. This way, you’ll get what you paid for in the first place.

Alternatives for wine glass racks

Some good alternatives for wine glass racks are wall mounted racks, which are installed on walls and are made of wood and metal. They come in various shapes and designs and are guaranteed to mesh with any décor. These are great space savers, and sometimes are used for decoration, not wine storage.

Big bottle wine racks are especially popular, since they are able to contain bottles that are larger than the usual. They are stronger since they carry more weight. And lastly, wine cubes are very versatile. In them, you can stack bottles on top of one another, and this kind of wine rack can hold any type of bottle. Although small, it can hold a lot of bottles, since they are stackable.


Wine glass racks not only give your home an elegant touch, they also give you space to store your beloved wine. So if you either want some décor for your house or simply like wine, then go for wine glass racks.