Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets (28590)

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets - The Best Gift for this Holiday Season

If you're struggling and searching for the perfect gift this holiday season, look no further. The truth is that basically everyone enjoys receiving an edible gift that they can tear into at a time and place of their choosing. One of the many benefits of giving wine and cheese gift baskets to friends and family this holiday season is that they can choose to either enjoy them themselves, or offer them to guests that they'll entertain during the holidays. Since holidays are about relaxing with family and friends and taking special time out to celebrate and make merry, wine and cheese gift baskets will always be appreciated since they are the perfect excuses to sit together and enjoy delicious cheese and wine!

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets - Where to Get Them

If you're interested in giving wine and cheese gift baskets for the holidays, you have three main options, generally speaking. If you are pressed for time or feeling lazy, you can either order your wine and cheese gift baskets online from one of the many web shops specializing in gourmet and holiday fare. There are a few advantages to ordering your wine and cheese gift baskets online. First and foremost, online gourmet shops are more likely to have the widest variety of different gift baskets available. You can also find gift baskets within your spending range and many online purveyors even offer drop-down menus which allow visitors to specify the range they are willing to spend. You may also be able to find online shops that offer free shipping, although you should be careful because it's more commonly the case that online shops try to gouge desperate holiday shoppers as the important dates draw closer and closer!

If you're not so sold on online options, you can always head down to your local gourmet shop. Physical gourmet shops may be slightly more expensive than their online bretheren, but you will be able to inspect exactly what your recipients will be getting in their holiday wine and cheese gift baskets. If you're pressed for time, going physically to your local gourmet shop for wine and cheese gift baskets is probably advisable, since you can simply purchase your gift and head right over to deliver it.

Making Your Own Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets

The best thing about making your own wine and cheese gift baskets is that you can choose exactly what's going into your special holiday gift. If your friends or family hate stinky cheeses, for example, you can be sure to omit the bleu cheese and include some salami instead. It's always touching to know that someone designed your gift personally, and meanwhile you can add personalized cards or holiday memorabilia that your family and friends will especially appreciate.

If you are interested in making your own wine and cheese gift baskets from scratch, start with a simple wicker basket and line its bottom with shredded colored construction paper to provide a soft bed. Arrange the individually wrapped chunks of gourmet cheeses and include a few bottles of wine. You can also include crackers, hot mustard or special sauces, and garnishes like capers or pepperocini. You might also include some tins of salmon, anchovies or cavier according to your reecipients' tastes. appy holidays!

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