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Wing Commander was the first in this epic space shooter series and is a great look at the early days of video games for PC.

Getting the game to run on today's PCs is not as simple as installing and running, as newer computers are much faster and have newer operating systems that may not be compatable with these older games. Follow the steps below to get it running on your computer.

Step 1: Install DOSBOX

Dosbox is a cross-platform dos emulator that allows older software to be run on newer computers. Once installed you can run this game and many others through a dosbox command window by mounting directories and iso files as virtual disks in your dosbox environment. Head on over to the dosbox download page, and download the correct version of dosbox, depending on your OS. Use the dosbox installer to install Dosbox.

Step 2: Get Wing Commander

The game has officially been classified as abandonware, which means it is legally available to download for free. Do a search for it online and download it when you find it. You should end up with a .zip file containing all the install files. Use a program like 7zip to extract the files from the .zip file, into a folder on your computer called wing. Remember the full path to wing, for example /Users/macuser/wing. We'll user /FULL/PATH/TO/GAME in this example.

Step 3: Mount and Install Wing Commander

Start Dosbox using the dosbox launcher. The black command window will load up, use the following commands to mount the game directory and install it.

Z:> mount c /FULL/PATH/TO/GAME

Z:> c:

C:> install

All the default vaules should be fine for this game. Once the install completes you can continue the steps below to start the game.

Step 4: Start Wing Commander

C:> cd

C:> wc

In the future, you can skip all these steps and run the following to start the game:

Z:> mount c /FULL/PATH/TO/GAME

Z:> c:

C:> wc

(If your game crashes on level 2, try running the following command instead: loadfix -32 wc)

If the game is running too slowly or too quickly, you can adjust the CPU Cycles in dosbox with Control+F11 and Control+F12, and adjust the frameskip with Control+F7 and Control+F8