We Chose Wink Hostel

My friends and I went to Singapore in April this year. We're a bunch of young people who wanted a nice and affordable place to stay. After doing a lot of research and finding several nice accommodations, we chose Wink Hostel over the rest. I was immediately drawn to its capsule-like beds and its futuristic look. I usually stay in hotels but this time, I wanted to try something new.

In this page, I'll give you an honest review of the hostel. If you're still undecided where to stay in Singapore, consider reading this. I hope that at the end of this page, you'll be able to decide whether or not this place is for you.

Where is Wink Hostel?

Wink Hostel is a modern hostel conveniently located in Singapore's Chinatown. The building sits alongside stores and restaurants. A huge signboard with the WH logo makes its presence known to backpackers. You can easily know which door leads to the hostel, because the doors have Wink Hostel's logo all over them.

You will have to climb a flight of stairs before reaching the reception. I don't mind about the stairs, and we have a gentleman in our group who helps us with our luggage. The staffs are very kind and friendly. We arrived at midday. Our room wasn't ready yet, but I was glad that all of us could stay in one room. Their stockroom for bags was already full, so the staff suggested us to just leave our bags in our room. We agreed and went out for our first adventure at Adventure Cove!
Wink Hostel Smart CardCredit: Rainy Kua Upon check-in, each guest will have to pay a $10 deposit for the smart card which will be refunded after check-out. The picture above is my card. Street in ChinatownCredit: Rainy Kua This is the street outside Wink Hostel. I love the building's architecture. It was quiet in the morning.

Rooms and Pods

Each room is marked with a spice's name (instead of numbers) written in cursive form. Our room was named "nutmeg". Each of us were given a smart card that unlocks the door to our room and to our individual lockers located just beneath our pods. My pod was number 2 on the upper deck. It would light every time I unlocked the door. So cool! The room looked very nice. A black sofa was placed in front of our pods. Since we didn't share our room with strangers, we just left our luggage on the floor. I took a spot by the window near my bed.
Wink Hostel PodsCredit: Rainy Kua Our room has six pods. They are custom-made and are inspired by Japan's capsule hotels. The one on the upper-left corner was my little space. The pod on the right was lighted after my friend unlocked the door with his smart card. Cool, huh? Climbing the ladder needed a little bit of getting used to as I had never slept in the upper bunk before. Wink Hostel LockersCredit: Rainy Kua The lockers that we rarely used. Wink Hostel WindowsCredit: Rainy Kua These are the windows in our room. We never opened them. The space in the middle was where my bag had been for a few days.


The male and female bathrooms are at the far end of the third floor. There are many shower and toilet cubicles in the bathroom. There's probably one or two hair dryers mounted on the wall beside the sink. My sister and I woke up early every day just to be sure that we wouldn't have to wait in line. It was April, and the bathroom was almost empty at 7am. We had the bathroom for ourselves. The toilets get clogged easily, so do not throw tissue paper or napkins into the toilet bowl. Bring your own soap and shampoo. If you weren't able to use them all up, feel free to leave them in the "lost and found" corner so guests who have forgotten their toiletries can use them.

Breakfast is Free!

Breakfast is simple but nice. Cereals, toasts, jams, fruits, coffee, juice, and milk are some of the food and beverages in the menu. The fridge where the juice and milk cartons are stored in is locked when breakfast time is over (probably around midday). Food isn't allowed in the room to keep it clean and sanitary, though I had managed to sneaked in an apple. Everything is self-service. We washed our own utensils after use.


There are CCTV cameras in the public areas of the hostel. I felt safer with them. The reception is manned 24/7 (I think).

The Best Part

The best part about the hostel are the pods. They are incredibly clean and comfortable! They're much more comfortable than my own bed. There are walls between pods, giving me more privacy than a standard double deck bed would.
Wink Hostel BedCredit: Rainy Kua I miss my bed in Singapore. Wink Hostel Wall SocketCredit: Rainy Kua Each pod has a wall socket. Charging your gadgets is very convenient!

My Stay at Wink Hostel

My group would go out by 10am and come back late at night. I kind of regretted not being able to enjoy other amenities in the hostel. The only places that I frequented to (other than my own room, of course) were the bathroom and the kitchen. There are three computer units in the public area which I had rarely used. I preferred using my own tablet while lying in my pod. The wifi connection is kind of weak inside the room though.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience at Wink Hostel. The rate is higher than other hostels but it's still cheap compared to a hotel room. The location is also very convenient. It's a few minutes from the MRT station and a few stations away from Sentosa Island.


Bring your own towel

One of the downsides to staying in hostels is most of them don't provide towels for free. Towels are bulky. It can also be annoying to have to reuse a wet towel. I found these quick-dry towels on Amazon and I've got to have one of these!

Hanging toiletry bag will make your traveling a lot more convenient.

If you don't have a hanging toiletry bag yet, it's time to get one. I'm not sure about other hostels, but in Wink Hostel, there's not much space on the sink. I also don't like my things getting wet (I tend to be messy when I wash my face).
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