For years, people have been searching long and far for the best winning roulette systems. Gamblers, both casual and professional, have collectively spent thousands of dollars on books that promise to give their readers the best roulette gambling systems available. As you are reading this article, someone is likely reading such a book right now.

The question: do winning roulette systems exist?Winning roulette systems don't exist
The answer: No.

Soak that in. No. All roulette gambling systems are bogus. The conclusion that can be reached after analyzing every system is that the house advantage remains the same. Most roulette gambling systems advise the player to size bets based on previous outcomes. As the falsehood of gambler's fallacy illustrates, this is a brainless tactic. The roulette wheel, nor the ball, have memories. The probability of spinning 0 four times in a row is the same probability as spinning 16, 22, 36, then 3.

What do roulette gambling systems do?
What will executing one of the millions of "winning" roulette systems do? Increase variance. Variance is a measure of how likely you are to deviate from the house advantage at the end of a betting session, and by how much. Variance decreases over time and increases as bets become a larger portion of one's bankroll. By placing progressive bets, as many roulette gambling systems tell a gambler to do, wins will be large, but losses will be dramatic.

Is there any skill to roulette?
However, that's not to say that there aren't things you can do that can behave like winning roulette systems. For starters, find single-zero (European) roulette wherever possible. European roulette has a house advantage of only 2.7%. Double-zero (American) roulette has nearly double the house advantage, at 5.26%.

As for which bets are the best to make, there are no best bets. All bets in European roulette have the exact same house advantage. There is one exception in American roulette: the top line bet (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) is distinctly the worst bet in the game, with a house advantage of 7.9%.

The key to understanding winning roulette systems is, in summary, that they don't exist. By playing roulette, a gambler should understand that he is most likely to lose. Gambling should be done for entertainment, and at roulette, being entertained is fun. With its slow pace, a player's bankroll can stay alive for quite some time. Try placing varying bets and see if you can't win big! Talk to other players and enjoy the royal treatment you get at a casino. Bet responsibly, and good luck.