Both men and women use waxing as a hair removal technique today. It can be done professionally at a salon or spa or you can do it yourself at your time in your own home. Waxing can give you hair free skin for about 3 to 8 weeks depending on your skin type, hair type and the rate at which your hair grow. Waxing is the only temporary hair removal technique to last for so long.

This method works by applying a solution of wax which wraps around the hair. The wax is then pulled and the hair is pulled out with the wax at its root. There are many people who find this painful and some who say that it is not as painful as it sounds. If you do like the results from waxing but are not comfortable with the pain visit your local pharmacy and buy a pain medicine such as a pain reducing gel or a numbing spray. Apply this product about thirty minutes before you are about to wax. A word of caution for acne sufferers, avoid waxing until your acne has cleared up as this could aggravate your skin condition. If you are still skeptical about attempting to wax visit a salon or spa and let a professional do it for you. The beauty expert should be able to finish quickly and do a good job. The disadvantage of going to a professional is that it can get very expensive, especially if you want to remove hair from large areas of your body. A bikini line can cost as much as thirty dollars at an upscale salon. This should give you an indication about how much a larger area will cost.

These days there are many kinds of waxing hair removal products available to the consumer. The most popular kind being the warm waxing system. The wax comes in a container and has to be heated, then applied to the skin in the direction of the hair growth. A strip is applied to the wax and then pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The disadvantage to this is that if the wax is too hot you run the risk of burning yourself. Another form of waxing is cold wax. It comes in the form of a paste or gel but does not have to be heated. The problem here is getting the wax from the container to the skin and then trying to control the thickness of the gel when applied to the skin. This process can make waxing really messy especially if you have no experience waxing by yourself. It is not a very popular method and not as effective as warm wax. The plus side of cold wax is for sensitive skin as it seems to cause less irritation.

If you do decide to attempt to wax at home be sure to read all instructions that are enclosed in the kit carefully.  It might be advisable to test a small area of skin to see if you have any sensitivity to the product or if you might have an allergic reaction. For optimal results your hair needs to be long. A good length would be one eight inch in length. If your hair is longer than that trim it, if it is shorter let it grow out a bit.

Be sure not to have a shower before you begin to wax. The reason being that hair tends to absorb water. This makes the hair softer and harder for the wax to stick to the skin. Dry hair is coarse  and tough and thus easier to pull out. It is a good idea to lightly powder your skin to absorb any moisture or natural oils that might be present on the skin surface. This will also make it easier for the wax to be pulled off the skin and will also lessen any inflammation. Some salon experts recommend for their customers to exfoliate the skin, to remove dead skin cells which can lead to ingrown hairs. Also be sure not to overheat the wax as you may burn your skin. Use a lower temperature for the wax for facial hair and use it on a small area one at a time. The wax should be soft when applied but not runny. Furthermore, hair removal from waxing can cause the hair to break and this can lead to ingrown hairs. A good way to avoid this problem is to apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth. Apply the strip in the same direction but leave about one third of the strip free so you can use that to get a grip and pull it in the opposite direction. Remember to pull your skin tight and then pull the strip back in one quick smooth motion. If you pull slowly it will leave patches and cause more pain.

Any excess wax can be removed with a moist towel or using body oil. After you wax be sure to wear loose fitting clothes as this will cause less irritation and decrease your chances of having any ingrown hairs. Also to keep up the smooth look be sure to exfoliate the skin a few days after waxing as this will prevent dead skin cells from building up.