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Finally, the holiday season is over! And what a rush it was. I meant to write two different reports for November and December, but since I did not write a lot these months, I would merge both months in one.

First things first - Happy New Year! I am so glad that I found Infobarrel in 2014 and now I can just go back to writing in a stable environment without having to worry about changing this platform and that platform, adding this advertising account and all that stuff. If you're new and starting on Infobarrel, I hope this report will help you.

November 2014 Performance and Earnings

I published 7 new articles (not including one performance report) in November, up from just 3 in October. I wanted to publish more, but between holiday time and me having an eye surgery, that's all I could manage. It gets even worse in December (more below).

Out of those 7 articles, 4 of them were featured on the home page. One of the feature was a neat surprise from the admins (which I'll talk about more in "featured articles" section below).

Total articles to date: 20

November Earnings

Earnings from Tier ads were $23.91 (which was way down from October's earnings)

  • $17.15 from Tier 1 and $6.76 from Tier 2

Amazon earnings were up from $3.14 in October to $53.12

  • Total items referred: only 4! (just one down from October)

A funny incident happened when a user decided to buy a $780 office chair through one of my affiliate links. The commission started from $31.2 for that office chair (which is standard 4% for furniture). As I have been using the same Amazon account for my other websites and in HubPages, I managed to refer 31+ items in November. That made the commission increase from 4% to 6% and then finally to 6.5% at $51. I get lucky now and then, but this was one of the largest because other items (like electronics) usually capped at $25 commission.

Unfortunately, I could not track what article it was referred from because it seems Infobarrel is defaulting out the unique tracking IDs we put in text links and convert it to the one we input in our account settings. This is new.

Total for November: $77.03

Cumulative: $263.39 from 20 articles (as of November 2014)

December 2014 Performance and Earnings

DecemberCredit: Pixabay

I only managed to write three articles in December. Motivated from the office chair, I decided to do a little research and write an article about back pain and choosing ergonomic chairs that are good for your back. The article is a little sales-y but I plan to add more content every week and make it longer.

Total articles to date: 23

December Earnings

Earnings from Tier ads were $19.32 (down from November)

  • $17.04 from Tier 1 and just $2.28 from Tier 2
  • As you might have guessed, the articles that went viral in September and October have now resided and are getting okay views.

Amazon earnings were nada. Yes, Z-E-R-O.

  • Despite it being December! My orders report on Amazon shows 1 book order from one of my Infobarrel articles, but that book was never shipped. That's why, I did not get commission for that one sale. I'm guessing the buyer cancelled the order.

Total for December: $19.32

Cumulative: $282.71 from 23 articles (as of December 2014 - 4 months total)

Featured Articles

As I mentioned earlier, 4 of my November articles were featured in December. One strange thing about this is that my article about preparation before laser eye surgery was featured. I remember that I had not submitted this particular article for feature. That means, admins look beyond submitted articles for featuring. I knew admins try to feature buzzing topics, latest movie reviews, but this was a surprise.

Oh, another thing about feature - I completely forgot to submit all three articles I wrote in December for feature. Bummer! I guess I'm not seeing any features in January, but if history is any indication, there is a slight chance.

Things I Learned

  • This could come as a shock to other writers because all my individual tracking IDs for Amazon are converting to the default Amazon tracking ID I put in Account Settings. This is not bad but it can be pretty frustrating to not know what article referred that sale (or if it resulted from a text link instead of the Amazon product module)
  • The big long 160 x 600 advertisement column that appears on the left of your articles as you scroll through the first one or two paragraphs may be a good moneymaker. Despite getting views, my articles that went viral two months back are not making as much as other articles make with significantly lower views. I have tried to shuffle things around so that the ad bars would show up, but because both articles use big pictures, it's not going through. The whole articles would look just tacky if I reduced the size of the pictures, so I will leave them as they are. They look beautiful nonetheless, and admins are also rolling out IB 4.0 which will feature horizontal ads.

Plans For 2015

My plan for 2015 is to reach 100 articles on Infobarrel. I am also working on few websites at the moment, but I would like to write more entertainment/funny articles that have potential to get more social shares.

What are your plans for 2015?