Infobarrel Earnings Report
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My first two months performance report

Since this is my first performance report on this site, I will start from the beginning. My name is Suramya, and I started writing online since 2010 with a blog on Google Blogger. I have since then published on HubPages, Squidoo, ExpertsColumn, again back to Squidoo, then again on HubPages and now finally to InfoBarrel. It's been a roller coaster, but the experience has been very much rewarding.

So far, InfoBarrel is the best website I have come across. Not only do they provide generous revenue sharing opportunities, they are also very accepting towards the homepage features. If you are new to Infobarrel, the best place you would start is the Newbies Guide written by an IB member, classicalgeek.

I'm sharing my experiences of writing here, hoping it will be helpful for new users. At the end, I will also share the lessons I learned and mistakes to avoid.

September 2014 Performance and Earnings Report

September PictureCredit: Pixabay

Now that you have read the guide for new members, let's cut to the chase. As you know, there are two ways you can monetize your IB articles - the Tier Ad program and the Amazon Associates. If you don't want to have Amazon, that's okay - Infobarrel's in-house program is enough.

In September, I published 9 articles here on IB. 6 of them ended up being featured on the homepage in October. Now let's talk about the interesting part - money. How much did I make? Well, 80 cents..ish.

71 cents from Tier 1 and 16 cents from Tier 2. As expected, Tier 1 ads (AdSense) made more than the directly sold advertisements.

Let's talk Amazon!

Despite getting clicks, I didn't refer a single sale. Honestly, I was hoping I would have made at least one sale. Guess the articles did not mature enough to attract the buying audience.

Total: $0.87 from 9 articles (11,928 words)

October 2014 Performance and Earnings Report

October was a very busy month for me. No, not writing wise. October is the month of the biggest festivals and celebrations here in my country, and I could not spend a lot of time online. I also traveled out of the city twice and I missed the homepage features of 3 of my articles. But there was a silver lining.

October Halloween PumpkinCredit: Pixabay

In October, I wrote 3 articles (only 4,070 words). One of the articles - weird facts about Nepal, kept getting denied because of a very strange bug in the Map Element. When it was finally published, I shared it on my Facebook profile. Little did I know, a friend shared it on a group, and one of the group members shared it on his massive Facebook page. Within few days, the article had over 2000 shares and the traffic jumped too. It was featured on the homepage early this month, after which it took off to become the #4 article on Infobarrel.

Motivated from this, I did an experiment - have an intriguing title. I was watching too much Buzzfeed and 9Gag, so coming up with a catchy title was not hard. Enter - 10 Insanely Beautiful Pictures of Nepal That Will Blow Your Mind Away

It definitely does not blow your mind, but it does provide the essence of it. Much of the motivation came from Ryan's article about viral content where he stresses on drawing out extreme emotions from the readers. That's what I tried to do, and I guess I moderately succeeded. The pictures are not only beautiful, but they also have an "aww" factor to them. Combined with descriptions and little known historical facts about the places, the article flew and now sits on #55 on the Top 100 list. It was shared by a very reputed journalist, Miss Nepal, a half dozen online newspapers and yes - it also became a victim of copyright infringement (I have already filed 7 DMCA notices so far, this article helped a lot).

Okay, enough about going viral. Let's talk money.

October 2014 Earnings

Dollar Bank NotesCredit: Pixabay

As you have probably guessed, I made more than enough to make a payout. What's inspiring is that not only articles, but also the images are earning money from tier ads.

$139 from Tier 1 and $43 from Tier 2 - $182-ish from the contextual ads.


I referred 5 small sales on Amazon this month from Infobarrel. An encouraging point is that two of them happened before the other two articles went viral. Another plus point is that 3 of those 5 sales were the exact thing I showcased. This is a very good news for me because Amazon was always my first choice for monetizing and it has always been rewarding for me on Squidoo and now HubPages.

Amazon Total: $3.14 from 5 sales. It would have been slightly less but my sales from HubPages got me a higher commission rate from Amazon.

Total for October: $185.49

Cumulative: $186.36 from 12 articles (as of October 2014)

What I Learned

  • Don't check your traffic and earnings all the time. It's addictive, I know - but it's totally useless. Instead, read others' articles, comment on them, share them, join their followers and grow a following yourself. Internal votes are very helpful for increasing your articles' score.
  • Share your articles on social media, but not all the time. Seriously, your friends will get bored and probably hide your stories from their news feed. And please, don't be pathetic and "like" and "favorite" your own shares.
  • Don't be snarky. I have made this mistake and I'm not proud of it because it's not who I am. Be careful on the forums because the situation can escalate quickly. Don't jump into conclusions, don't attack others and don't be defensive if think you are the victim. No one's biting you - hit the report button, period.


Thank You Card
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A very big thank you to egdcltd and StefanCollins who motivated me to write this report. I hope to write one every month to show what can be done and what it is like to write on Infobarrel. Your performance reports are inspiring and it will help a lot of fellow users who are new to the site. Also, Lyra Kua and Rainy Kua - thanks for joining. You guys make this site feel "at home".

Finally, thanks to VicDillinger, RoseWrites, Classicalgeek, Mjpyro, JadeDragon, Shar On, Joey LeighGoessl, Kellapat, Dtroms, PensiveScholar and Amerowolf who write the best content and constantly help new users in the forums.

Suggestions for fellow writers

  • If you are a new user, read the Newbies guide again. More tips by mjpyro.
  • Make yourself familiar with the editorial guidelines. 325 words is just a bare minimum and in my honest opinion, looks tacky because it will have ads all around it with no meat. Aim for at least 700-800 words if not a thousand words.
  • If you are writing a travel article, try to include a map element in your articles. It will really help those who happen to visit the destinations you wrote about.
  • Be careful with the rating element. It is not for rating your own article, it is for rating products, recipes and works best on reviews articles.
  • Don't get discouraged if your article keeps on getting denied. I have had so many denials and it has only made me a better writer. The monthly contests can be a very good motivator.
  • Write what you know best. Yes, you can research keywords (which by the way, can be very profitable) but the satisfaction you get from creating a successful article on the topic you are genuinely passionate about is awesome. Try to find a balance between SEO and your topic.
  • If you're not yet on Infobarrel, you should join.