Winter Activities – Winter Fun Indoors

Winter Fun Indoors

The winter season usually brings snow, wind, cold temperatures and often time's blizzards, snow and ice storms that reduce the chances of any outdoor activities. Winter fun indoors is still possible that will help to reduce boredom and depression while encouraging togetherness and conversation with family and friends . Find a mix of ideas in this article that will help you this winter season to boost the immune system, stay healthy, reduce weight gain and keep endorphin (the happy hormone) levels up.

Winter Activities – Winter Fun Indoors

Exercise – Spend at least 30 minutes a day doing any kind of exercise to stay healthy during the winter season. Some suggested exercises for winter fun indoors includes aerobics, treadmill, mini trampoline, stationary bicycling, floor exercises, weight lifting, jump rope, yoga, kick boxing or even walking or jogging in place. No equipment is actually needed for an effective exercise workout but, it can help to motivate if you are inclined to need additional motivation for daily exercise.

Exercise has continued to prove beneficial through myriads of research for strengthening the heart, lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, reducing problems with joints and muscles, providing energy, reducing weight, improving sleep and breathing problems, reducing cramps, improves mental clarity, reduces episodes of depression and improving overall health and wellness.

Winter Activities - Kickboxing

Dancing – Put on a favorite CD or DVD and simply move the body in any kind of dance move you know. Dancing is a great exercise that won't feel like exercise and if continued for at least 30 minutes will help to burn calories and increase the metabolism providing energy for the whole day.

Board Games – Board games were always part of family fun indoors before the invention of all the latest technology gadgets on the market today. Board games provide an opportunity for family members to interact with each other, have conversations and encourage learning strategy and helping the mind at the same time. Find some new or classic board games to play with members of your family and see what fun could be had by all.

Winter Fun Indoors

Puzzles – Puzzles are another indoor activity that could be fun during the winter. Set up a puzzle on a rarely used table so that members of the family can work on it together or whenever the mood strikes. Puzzles are a good activity to keep the mind sharp, help with dexterity and as it comes to life can be very rewarding for children and adults alike. Puzzles can be glued together when completed and framed as a keepsake, gift or wall art.

Crossword Puzzles – Find a few crossword puzzles and keep the mind sharp by filling in the answers to the many different styles of crosswords available.

Winter indoor games

Organizing – Winter is a great time of year to get all closets and cupboards cleaned out and organized and will keep you busy for a while at the same time helps to reduce distracting clutter from the home. Toss or donate any unnecessary clutter in the home to a shelter for those in need and take a tax deduction as a bonus!

Cleaning – Winter is also a great time to do some indoor cleaning of walls, ceiling fans, drapes or other cleaning projects that will help to keep the indoor air cleaner and keeps you active. When the winter season is over, you'll have more time to spend outdoors with your indoor chores are already done.

Repair Clothing – Darn socks, repair tears or zippers, hem slacks, replace a missing button or any of those clothing repairs that need done. Keeping the hands busy will help to reduce problems with arthritis or other joint pain and will feel good to get those projects completed.

Winter activity - sewing

Start a Hobby – There are many hobbies for winter activities that are fun such as knitting or crocheting, oil or acrylic painting, pottery, ceramics, wood burning, woodworking, building models of cars or boats, stamp collecting, coin collecting, doll making, hooking a rug, basket weaving and many are inexpensive to begin and can be learned easily at home or with online guidance and instruction. Many hobbies turn into ways to make money on the side for many people with a little ingenuity.

Indoor Golf – Hone your golfing skills or begin to learn to golf to prepare for the warmer months with a putter, golf ball and putting mat that can easily be set up at home. Golf is a great sport that requires hand and eye coordination, focus and improves muscle tone when putting indoors.

Winter Activities

Cooking and Baking – Improve your cooking and baking skills with practice at home during winter. Try new recipes or experiment with new ingredients to surprise yourself and your family.

Plan a Party – Get together with friends and family during winter with an easy Fondue Party or similarly simple party that is inexpensive to host, helps to build relationships and offers an opportunity to share your winter activity ideas and exchange others with your guests.

Plan a Vacation – Winter is a great time to find deals on some of the best travel destinations in the world. Spend time searching online and compare prices on your next getaway.

Start a Journal – Buy your own special journal and keep track of your goals, thoughts and experiences. Journaling is a healthy activity that helps to keep the mind sharp, reduces stress, joint pain and helps with problem solving issues as you look back on your progress.

Winter Journaling

Start or Join a Book Club – Participating in a book club that already exists or that you start with your friends, family or neighbors is a great way to get together, network with like minded individuals and encourages reading, fluency and increases vocabulary.

Plan a Spring Garden – Design and plan your next garden through drawings, buy seeds online to start sowing indoors, review garden catalogues to get a head start on your spring garden design.

Winter Fun-Plan a Garden

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There are many winter activities that are fun things to do that will help you to stay active, use your creativity and improve your overall health and wellness. Try any of these soon or think of other winter activities you and your family would enjoy. Feel free to share other suggestions.

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