Winter Activities – Winter Fun Things To Do

Winter Activities - Winter Fun

Winter doesn't have to be a time to hibernate and stop your exercise program. There are many fun things to do outdoors in the winter that can help you pass the time, reduce boredom, boost your immune system, burn calories and stay in great shape. Many people suffer from depression during the winter months and these activities can help to reduce depression and also help you to sleep better at night.

Adults and kids alike can enjoy winter with the right layers of clothing to stay warm and just a little creativity. Staying active in the winter months outdoors will help you realize the beauty in nature and that the spring season is right around the corner!

Time flies when you're having fun and you can always treat yourself to a piping hot cup of cocoa when you're finished.

Winter Activities for Winter Fun

Build a Snowman – bundle up in your warm layers of clothing and get outside and build a huge snowman in your front yard. The kids will love this activity but, adults can have fun with it too. Find an old scarf, hat, carrot for the nose and large buttons for eyes. You could make a race of it with you against someone else or invite the neighborhood kids over for a snowman building contest. The winner gets the largest cup of hot cocoa and cookies – although everyone can be a winner!

Winter Fun-Build a Snowman

Sledding and Tobogganing – When was the last time you were sledding? If it's been a while, why not give it a try. Sleds and toboggans are fairly inexpensive and easy to maintain for years of winter fun and there are no other costs involved! Find a hill nearby or in your own backyard and as long as you have warm layers of clothing and winter boots, hat, scarf and gloves you'll be able to go sledding for at least a few runs. You'll get great exercise climbing back up the hill and this is a great winter activity to burn extra calories.

Winter Activities - Go Sledding

Skiing – Hit the slopes if you live nearby a ski resort for downhill skiing, snowboarding or cross country skiing. You can rent ski equipment if you don't own it and the costs are usually less than $30 for an all day pass for adults and around $15 for children. Season passes are available for those that would enjoy the sport and saving even more money. Even beginners can ski with a little practice on the bunny slopes. Try individual lessons or group lessons to find out if this is a sport that you and your family would enjoy. Give it a try and meet your friends at the lodge for warm drinks afterwards by the fireplace.

Snowball Fight – Kids and adults alike will enjoy a good old-fashioned snowball fight and activities like this help to keep you active and healthy. Your neighbors may even come outside to join you!

Make a Snow Angel – It may have been a while since you've played in the snow making a snow angel but, they're easy to make and fun. Lay flat on your back and spread your arms and legs out and back and forth. Stand up carefully to not disturb your creation and admire!

Bird watching – Birds are able to live in northern climates as long as there is food and shelter. Keep a bird feeder outside a window and fill it with birdseed or suet and watch the birds that you will attract. Many cardinals, nuthatches, chickadees, woodpeckers, blue jays and wrens are some of the birds you can attract and enjoy watching. Have a camera ready for some great action photos!

Take a Nature Hike – During the cold winter months, you may be surprised at the quietness of nature and beauty that is all around you. Dress warmly, wear boots and take a relaxing walk in nature for some fresh air with a friend, spouse or your children. Use the opportunity for a conversation or a study session.

Winter Activities Dress Warm

Gather Pinecones or Holly – Take a walk outdoors and search for pinecones fallen from the pine trees or clip holly branches. Pinecones and holly both make beautiful winter decorations for inside or outside of the home. Use them on a wreath, swag or just fill a bowl or vase with your winter finds.

Ice Skating - Winter is a great time to head to your nearest ice skating rink and for the cost of renting a pair of skates, you could enjoy a fun afternoon or evening while getting some great exercise.

Winter Sports - Skating

Watch the Sunset – Dress warmly and bring along a piping hot cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows to sit on your front or back porch to watch the sunset with someone you love. Enjoy the beauty of nature during quiet winter days when almost no one else is around!

Christmas Caroling – Gather a few friends or your family, dress warmly and visit some of the neighbors with a surprise of your favorite Christmas carols. You may need to print the words to the songs before you go unless everyone already knows the words. This is especially nice to do for any neighbors that have difficulty getting out and about to see other holiday events. You'll make their day!

Winter Caroling

Gather Firewood – If you have a wood burning stove, take a walk through nature and search for small kindling wood, pinecones to start the fire or logs to burn.

Winter Fun - Gather Firewood

Shovel Snow for a Neighbor – When your driveway and sidewalk are shoveled, offer to help a neighbor that is unable to shovel. Take your time with snow shoveling as this exerts a lot of energy and should be done slowly with proper bending at the knees and turning carefully to avoid injury. Slow and steady will get it done or use a snow blower that is much easier on the body.

Try these winter activities to keep yourself and your family busy and active. You'll find that winter can be fun and you can boost your immune system to avoid sickness, burn calories to avoid winter weight, reduce boredom from 'nothing to do' and all this activity will help you to reduce depression and to sleep soundly at night.

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