When the winter months come around the kids are always looking for things to do especially when it’s raining out or a heavy snow. Here are some great winter activities that children can do to have fun during those dark winter months.


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Winter Can Be Fun

Winter Activities for Children | Sledding
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Once the heavy snowfall is over it’s time to go outside and build a snowman. This is a fun activity for everyone but especially for the children. Make sure you get a carrot or a stick for the nose and some rocks for the eyes and mouth. Try to make a snowman family too with mom, dad, and the kids. Make sure you have a fun snowball fight as long as the snow is the light kind because the heavy wet snow can hurt.




When there’s a lot of snow on the ground it’s time to go sledding. This is a lot of fun and the kids will want to go again and again. You can also get plastic mats too that slide well down the hill. Some of these mats can fit a couple of people on them and they usually have safety handles. Be sure to slide down hills that aren’t too steep and where there are not a lot of trees or brush at the bottom of to avoid injuries. Many schools have hills that are suitable for sledding on.




Another great winter activity is to go skiing.  This is the perfect family activity to do. The slopes have lot of areas that are suitable for children and there are always plenty of lessons the whole family can take. Skiing isn’t for everyone because it can be quite expensive but if you can afford it then go for it as it is well worth the expense.




Another activity in the winter to try is snowmobiling. There are many smaller snowmobiles that are easy to operate for the kids that are of age to try these out. There are also snowmobiles that are built for two people which are suitable too. Make sure you have the right safety equipment and never snowmobile without a helmet as well as goggles as the snow can be glaring on the eyes.




Ice hockey is a fun winter activity and there are always lessons so sign your children up for it. This is good exercise and it’ a fun sport to play.  Make sure it’s something they want to do as there’s quite a big expense involved in ice hockey.  If you live anywhere where the ice is frozen solid in the winter you can play some good old fashioned pond hockey. The ice needs to be tested first as you want to ensure the safety of any children on the ice and if you have doubts don’t play.




When there’s no snow and it’s raining out then it’s time for a movie night.  This will at least give the kids something to do so they stop bugging you about being bored. Make sure there are plenty of snacks for them to enjoy. You can also watch thesе on the computer now through services such as Netflix which might be an option for you. Consider making it a party and inviting some of your child’s friends over too.



Video Games

Video games are always an option but go for the games that are more interactive so they are at least moving around some and getting some exercise. The new consoles have this option and more titles are coming out all the time. This is also a good family activity where you can compete against each other in sports and other activities.




It’s always a good idea to curl up with a good book and children like to be read to so ensure you have plenty of their favorite books handy when the weather turns south. You should also encourage reading in your children as much as possible and find out the type of books they like to read.  There’s nothing better than opening up a good story and reading it to your child. For a twist you cаn have them write a story for you complete with a picture or two. This activity will keep them occupied for a long time.



Coloring or Drawing

Have plenty of per on hand as well as colored pencils for children to draw when the winter weather sets in. Make sure you also have a lot of coloring books too.  There are even pages online that children can color but they aren’t nearly as good as a good coloring book.



Children’s Websites

In addition to coloring and other sites online there are enmity interactive websites that are designed specifically for children. Some of these sites are also great learning tools where they can take part in various activities. By doing a search online you can find suitable sites for your children where you don’t have to supervise them. There are games and other fun things they can do as well. If you have concerns about them browsing other sites just lock those sites with one of thе many tools you can get for that purpose. Technology is here to stay and they need to be able to learn how to use the internet but this doesn’t mean that they can’t learn other things in the process.



Board Games and Puzzles

Board games are still good options for activities for children so make sure you have a lot of them around the house.  These require more than one person so it’s a good activity to do for some bonding with your children. There are games specifically designed for them that are easy for them to play and understand so try those. Puzzles are also good options because it gets them thinking and not just playing mindless video games all the time.



Winter doesn’t have to be a boring time you can make it fun for children as well as the whole family. Try some of these activities and above all get your child’s input as to what they would like to do. Try to have learning activities too so they are more stimulated.