Beach weddings is supposed to happen during the summer. Or if your target date falls on December or January, you should schedule your wedding in the Hawaiian or Mediterranean shores instead. This is what most people would say, but that doesn't mean those are absolutely right. Sometimes, doing things outside of the norm will be more fun and thrilling.

Though a beach matrimony in winter can sound crazy, it is very doable. Here are some themes for it.

Winter Themes

Theme 1 : Frozen Sand

Frozen sand on beaches will look like a winter wonderland for your wedding. Forming a heart-shaped space in the sand and exchanging vows with your partner on it will be magical. You can try to have a simple but intimate winter beach wedding with few friends and relatives.

Be careful about marching in bare feet though, as the cold might hurt you. It's more advisable to use a flat shoes as protection. A female shoe with one to two-inch heel is also bearable.

Wedding on Frozen Sand
Credit: from google images

Theme 2: Icy Boulders

Or instead of the sand, you can also work on the icy big boulder rocks of the sea. Imagine the waves crashing against the white stone cliffs, you and your partner exchanging your vows while your closest friends witness that moment. Wouldn't that be romantic?

beach wedding on top of icy boulders by the sea
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Theme 3: Winter Deck

Having your wedding on an ice-laden beach dock would also spell romantic.Be careful with wooden decks though, as those might get crispy during winter.

Exchange wedding vows on Icy winter decks
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Theme 4: Lighthouse & Gazebos

A Lighthouse-themed ceremony would also be fantastic. You can rent a lighthouse and use that as a venue for your exchange of vows. You could also have an ice-sculpted lighthouse in place if you can't find a real lighthouse to accommodate your wedding.

One friend of mine and her partner had ice gazebos built for their special event. Since it was winter, the ice didn't melt easily and lasted till the end. The bride was in a furry dress, and the gazebos sparkled with violet and blue lights. There was no other word to describe their wedding other than "amazing"; but it sure was quite expensive. If you don't have much budget, it is not practical to do like they did though. 

Weddings made beside or near Lighthouses

Contrary to when most beach weddings happen in Gold Coast, some soon-to-be-married couples prefer to exchange their vows during the winter. And why not? It's definitely less expensive to rent beach facilities during off-peak season, so they save a lot of money which can be spent on reservation fees instead. And it's definitely out of the ordinary to do a winter-beach wedding, so yours will be unique.