Finding winter clothes that are fashionable and yet still work for the menopausal women can be hard.  For any women at this time in life, especially in the winter, the answer is "layers".  You may need to re-think your way of dressing in the cold weather for a few years!  But it doesn't mean you can't still be fashionable.

If you are getting hot flashes and flushes and are creating your own furnace of heat, then you know that if you are wearing a turtle neck sweater, it is going to be stifling you even if it is sub-zero temperatures outside, so this is the year you put away those heavy sweaters, and get out the summer tee shirts and start layering.

Not only is this a great way to save money by extending your summer wardrobe, but it helps to keep you cool.Winter Clothes - Menopause - Tee ShirtCredit: amazon

Start with your basic tee shirt - Instead of putting away your favourite summer tee shirts, why not keep them in your fashion loop and just add to them?  Find a simple cardigan style sweater (button front) that is not too heavy and made from natural fibers if possible. 

Match it to a few of your tee shirts, or treat yourself to some more.  Just make sure to have a v-neck or round neck, and not a high neck or turtle neck tee shirt.  If your tee shirt is made from natural fibers you will not feel as sweaty if you just happen to have a "moment" at work or while shopping in the mall.

Once you have the cardigan over your tee shirt, you can now add a winter vest if you are heading outside or out and about.  If you start to get hot even though the temps are sub-zero, you can simply take off the vest, and then the cardigan, and if necessary be down to your tee shirt and still look fashionable (but don't get chilled!).

Stay away from bulky acrylic pullover sweaters - For now anyways!  You wWinter Clothes - MenopauseCredit: amazonon't have that cushion of being able to peel away a layer of clothing if you happen to start feeling the heat and they are not absorbent.  It can happen anywhere and anytime, and feeling overheated and not being able to do something about it, will cause more frustrations and sometimes panic!.

Winter Clothes for Menopause - Means staying away from bulky winter jackets and sticking with tee shirts, cardigans (or any sweater than can easily be slipped off) loose fitting scarves and hats that can be taken off quickly. 

You can still look fashionable and still keep warm, but at the same time be able to take off these layers if things "heat up"  Stay away from any winter clothing that will constrict or bind, this will just be a source of frustration. 

Scarves are all the rage right now, and you can still wear them and look fashionable, but just wear them in such away that they are not tight around or neck and shoulders, wear them in a looser style to avoid overheating.

The beauty of this winter styling, is that these items can be peeled off quickly to keep you cool, and yet still leave you looking good (and not half naked!).  When you are feeling flushed you need to be able to get those extra layers off quickly.  Scarves can be loosenWinter Clothes - Menopause - VestCredit: amazoned and hats taken off, and then the winter vest too!

The same goes for while you are working in the office.  If you feel cool when you first arrive you can leave your sweater on and then as the room heats up, or you just want to cool down, you can take layers off down to your tee shirt and still look great and cool down quickly.

So, this year, maybe put away that heavy parka and try a winter vest over layers instead.  If you are creating your own furnace with menopause, then this is the best way to survive the winter.