winter 3


Winter seasons always seem to last forever and are filled with countless cold, snowy and windy nights. Having recently moved to Canada, the third coldest country in the world, I experienced many lazy days where I preferred to stay indoors. Instead of staying at home counting down for the summer, I decided to come up with fun date ideas that will allow you and your partner to reconnect and enjoy each other's company.

1) Movie marathon - rent your favourite DVDs or login to Netflix and have an all-night movie marathon. Be sure to turn of the lights and have some popcorn ready. If you're in the mood, pick up some horror flicks and hold on to your loved one tight!

2) Candlelight dinner - spend quality time and learn to cook something new together. Make pasta from scratch. Bake a fancy dessert. Try a new cocktail recipe. Create a romantic setting by turning off the lights and eating your scrumptious creations by candlelight.

3) Board games -  you can never be too old for board games. Try games like scarbble, twister, othello or chess. Don't be afraid to get competitive and have fun at the same time. It's a great way to learn something new about each other.

4) Spa night - enjoy a relaxed evening together. Give your man a facial, or give your woman a stress-relieving masage and unwind together with a hot bubble bath.

5) Painting night - pick up some canvases and acrylic paint, and have a painting night. Reasonaly priced materials can be found at craft stores or dollar stores. Create portraits of one another, paint different landscapes, or try abstract paintings. Add some wine to the equation, and the two of you are sure to have a blast!

6) Sports night - bring out the beer, put on your jerseys and cheer your favorite sports teams along. If you're feeling competitve, make a non-monetary bet with one another.

7) Build a snowman - if you can brave the cold, put on your coats and build a snowman together.  After you've built your masterpiece, step inside and cosy up with some hot chocolate or mulled wine.

 8) Indoor picnic - recreate a picnic setting on your living room floor with a picnic blanket and some pillows. Snuggle up and indulge in gourmet foods together.

These dates will surely spice up your relationship during the cold winter months. Try one or more of these dates and make winter a romantic season!