If you live where the snow flies, then you know that dressing warm is a must, but trying to look good with the latest in winter fashions can also be hard on your wallet and it can be a very long season.

But there are a few ways to stretch your summer wardrobe and transform them into fashionable outfits that will work well in winter, and also make you look put together without breaking the bank.

Getting organized - The first thing to do is to get organized.  This would be a great time to clean out your closet and drawers and get rid of anything that is worn out or outdated or that you simply don't wear anymore, no matter what season it is from. 

This will clear room, and save on those late morning scrambles through the closet and drawers while being late for work!  Give the shelves, closet and drawers a good clean and now you are ready to put your winter wardrobe together!

Once you have cleared the decks, you can now see what you have left.  If you still have some great summer pieces, don't put them away for the winter as you may normally do, but insWinter Fashion CardiganCredit: Amazontead work them into your winter fashion wardrobe.

Sweater topper - If you have great sleeveless tops that you got a good deal for at the end of the summer, rather than putting them away, try to find a simple button down sweater in an accent colour, or pick a colour from the top and find a jacket or zippered up hoodie, that can be paired up with this top, dressing in layers works well in the winter months.

If you work in an office for example, wearing a bulky winter sweater may make sense outdoors, but many offices are climate controlled and you can get pretty warm, so layers are a great way to go for winter fashion.  Sweater jackets work well too, such as the one pictured for example.

You will find that many cardigan style sweaters (button down front) are cheaper that full pullover sweaters and can be worn for different outfits.  Plus you can get one in a colour that matches many tops.  This way you can wear those summer sleeveless tops right through the winter and look like you have many outfits.  By purchasing a couple of cardigan style sweaters, or hoodies, depending on the dress style you are looking for you will now get more mileage from your summer wardrobe right into the winter.  Sticking to neutral colours will allow you to wear the sweater jackets over any colour top you may have.

Thrift Shop or Second Hand Shop - There are many clothing stores now that sell gently used clothing, you can get some good deals on cardigans, sweaters and jackets that can go over your summer tops.  Take them home and hand wash them to freshen them up. Be prepared to do some digging in the thrift store as many tend to be jammed packed with clothes, but the digging can turn into treasures by the time you are done and for very little money.Winter Fashion SweaterCredit: Amazon

Trying to incorporate some of your clothes for all year round wear is a great way to save money on your wardrobe without it looking blah.

Accessories - Changing your jewellery styles or adding a deep coloured belt for example, is another way to get more mileage out of the clothes you already own and even some of the summer shirts.  Adding  loose-fitting scarves are another great way to change the look of a top you already have in your closet.  You can get some good deals on scarves in an array of colours and lengths.  Simple check online to see the best way to tie them or wear them.

So before throwing away tops or shirts you have become bored with, simply consider adding accessories such as scarves or chokers or something a little different to spice up your winter wardrobe.

Winter Boots - If yours are looking a little tired, but still in good shape, consider getting them dyed or use some of the DIY kits on the market now for updating the look of leather boots or even vinyl.  Trying to reuse what you have not only saves you money but also helps with the "reuse" part of our carbon footprint!

Dye your Jeans - If you are now trading in your shorts for those comfy jeans for the winter, but they are looking a little tired and you just don't want to be spending the money on new jeans, then get a dark blue or black dye kit and follow the directions and dye your jeans.  Denim dyes well, and this will extend the life of your jeans into the winter season and look Winter Fashion Scarvesbrand new!

Get more accessories for your winter outbreak such as colourful mittens, hats and scarves.  By changing these out, you will get a different look for your winter coat. 

If your budget is very tiny, then simply adding a longer open front sweater and a few scarves to the tops and shirts you already own will liven them up.  Save your money for a decent winter coat, because depending on where you live, winter can be long and cold!

Wait until mid January to add any new winter fashion pieces to your wardrobe.  Many of the retail stores will bet starting to get in their early spring selections and will not be updating the winter supplies, and many will offer great deals and there is still a lot of winter left to go.  So, if you can wait until the new year for that jacket, and can make do with last year's model, then you will save money.

Christmas - Ask for clothes for the holidays, or a gift card to the store you love, when you are asked "what would you like for Christmas!"

You can work your way through the winter months with what you have.  Invite a friend over and get some ideas or even trade some clothes, and have fun as well as look great in your new winter fashion wardrobe this year on the cheap!