Laziness during long winter months causes belly fat.

            Unlike certain animals like the bears, nature has not designed the body to be inactive for long stretches of time (time wasted to lose belly fat), especially during the bitterly cold winter season. No doubt, during the winter season the body gets lethargic tempting us to spend longer hours in the bed all bundled up under blankets (long period of inactivity means long period to loose belly fat).

            However, for optimal body functioning, it is very bad to stay inactive in this manner as it hampers efficient operation of certain bodily functions. This is especially applicable to our circulatory system. Our blood has been correctly called as THE RIVER OF LIFE. Fresh oxygenated blood pumped out by the heart, additionally carries a lot of precious nutrients which are needed by the cells in our body. During the metabolic process, these cells release toxins and carbon dioxide which if allowed to remain in the body can severely harm the body, ultimately resulting in death. This is where the veins step in – the toxic laden blood is filtered through the kidneys where the toxins are removed and then circulated through the lungs where it is re-oxygenated once again before moving on to the heart for carrying out another round of nourishment of the cells.

            Additionally, staying bundled up bed reduces the amount of energy expended by the body. The food that we eat supplies us the energy for our daily bodily function, while the activities in which the body engages itself use up that energy. Whenever there is an energy surplus, i.e. lesser energy is expended than what is supplied by the food, the body is not programmed to throw out the extra energy through the stool, urine or perspiration. So the extra energy is converted into ugly body fat which gets stored in the body (which then hinders us from having flat abs or six pack). Had nature designed the body to temporarily store this unwanted fat just under the skin and get rid of it by melting it off in the hot season that would have been ideal since we would get the necessary insulation from the external cold. Unfortunately, the ugly fat gets deposited in the most inactive areas of the body – the waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, chin, etc. (especially around the abdomen where our flat abs and six pack should be), and a person balloons during winter.

            Thus it is absolutely necessary to stay active during winter, in fact revving up the activity level by a few notches to ensure that the extra fat gets burnt off instead of getting deposited in our body thus making us look unsightly and also causing serious health problems as we age like diabetes, strokes, blocked blood vessels, etc.