Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! Blinding snowmen and more Ho Ho Ho's passing from one home to another. What can be done?

Winter is fun especially for children piled up with snow inches high on their hopefully snowman filled soon yard filled with lots of snow.

Let's think about the other folks around our humble community.

Older people can't or have a very difficult time trying to dig snow out from under their tires. Younger helping hands could help winter not be as dangerous as what could happen to an older person trying to do these types of chores.

Donates clothes to the community salvation army. Many people need warm coats and other clothing necessities. Why not get rid of some of those clothes of yours that have kept your closet over filled in the first place.

Many people need to keep their doctor's appointments and can't drive in bad weather. Snow and ice scare more than just the older generation. Why not help them by offering to help them get to their doctor's appointments. Put a sign up in churches, groceries stores and more places where older folks tend to be on a weekly basis.

Life is short. If older people don't get help their lives maybe shorter. They tend to drive too slowly. Many impatient younger drivers want to honk or shout names at them. They could cause this older person to become jumpy and hit into the cat that's ahead of them. What just a helpful hand may prevent

Neighbors could organize neighborhood walks. Snow is beautiful but can cause many unforeseen injuries in the blink of an eye. Friends and neighbors can help each other by calling frequently or stopping by to check on their loved ones.

Let's think about homeless shelters.

The word homeless alone make you think about all the blessing you have. Find the nearest homeless shelters near you and offer both of your hands of service. This will be rewarding to the receiver and the giver. Many things can be done for homeless shelters all through the four seasons, but during the winter more can be done. Here are a few suggestions:

Think about asking people for donations and then going to the shelter of your choice and ask the director if they're could be something special you could do for these homeless people. Ask about many ideas that you might think to be a great way to cheer these lonely homeless people up during the winter holiday season.

Gifts from the heart maybe all about buying someone a pet.

Pets of all kinds make people smile. They just tend to know when we need a snuggle or two. They would surely brighter someone who is older in our family and friend catagories. Winter tends to keep us in the house just waiting for the snow and ice to melt. Pets can ease the sense of loneliness. They can make a home feel like a party full of very welcome guests.

Pets tend to help our over anxious spring filled minds patiently wait for springtime and summer. Some pets actually like playing out in the snow. Get out your camera and take some neat pictures and start you a winter wonderland pet Christmas photo album. Its fun and you may want to keep this tradition in your family for years. Pets can be a great Christmas gift.

Imagine the ground filled with snow with no where to go. Your pet will usually have some games he'd love to share with you. Why not find your pet's favorite ball or toys and play on the floor with them until dinner is served. W hat a great way to pass those cold wintery days.

Winter tends to last longer than we may want it to. Use a few of my ideas if the notion catches your imagination. Go outside throw some snowballs at a few or all of your family members. Pets and all! Help the unfortunate people in your community if possible. Don't forget to help clothe more than just your snowman outside with a neat looking jacket and hat. Help clothe the people at a few homeless shelters.

Winter and holiday fun and good cheer maybe just a neighbor, friend, or pet away. Pick one! Pick all! Winter needs you, you, and you. Burr! I'm cold.