Snowy Winter Idaho

In the wintertime you have a lot of options available to you if you like to take pictures. Snow presents a different perspective on the same scenery as opposed to the dry summers. Here are some of the popular things to take pictures of in the wintertime.

Scenic Snow Images Photography

It does not matter where you are you can find some nice scenic pictures to take with your camera and share them on Flickr. Your backyard or the country side, wintertime presents some gorgeous images for us to take. Snow covered trees with a running brook are always popular images on calendars.

Whether it is a mountain peak covered in snow or a high desert slightly brushed with the beginning of winter, you can find many scenic photo opportunities for scenic snow picture in the wintertime.

Ski Resorts Photography

Ski Resorts are a great place for shutterbugs to take pictures you can get scenic pictures of the ski mountain, in addition to the people. If there are people performing tricks on their snowboards you can get some nice action shots.

Winter Time in Pocatello Idaho

Sliding Cars Photography

Watching cars slide down the street has always been fun. I know I am not a long because of the thousands of videos on YouTube. When you capture pictures of a sliding car you should also try to get some facial shots of the driver when he or she steps out of the car.

Icicles Photography

Icicles hanging from a roofs ledge are popular with winter photographers.

Ice Fishermen Photography

Taking images of people ice fishing is an often overlooked photography venue. If you are interested in selling some image on a micro-stick photography website then you will have a better chance with quality photos of people ice-fishing. Everybody wants to sell photos of their flowers and cats, but rarely do people have quality photos of ice-fishermen, and there is a market for these photos.

Outdoor Ice Skating rink Photography

Ice-Skating rinks are a cool place to take pictures of people. You can get not only action shots and sport styled pics, but also scenic pics, and photos of people. If you want to build up the number of neat photos you have on your Flickr account then go spend some time at an outdoor skating rink.

Snowman Photography

Taking picture so f snowmen probably will not get you any sales on stock photography websites, but when your kids are older they will cherish the images you have of the snowmen you helped them to build when they were young. Snowman pictures are very important for kids to have when they get older.

Smokers Photography

When it is 10 below zero and the wind is blowing, it is always fun to go someplace where the smokers have to go outside to smoke. They are manly men and macho, yet they are curled up against each other struggling to light the cigarettes and stay warm. I use to be smoker, I totally understand, yet it is still fun.

Winter Photography

This winter build up you Flickr account by taking pictures of winter related stuff. Be unique and definitely feel free to experiment. Many digital cameras can hold well over 1,000 images, so it is not like you are wasting film like in the past.