Although the most effective heating system is the Gas Central Heating, this is not available in everywhere in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom – in fact, there are some remote villages and locations where the only alternative is the LPG central heating or an electric central heating but as part of the winter preparation it is important to explore all your options and select the best one for you and your family: the cheaper and most effective option!


An electric central heating is very different to a gas central heating as it uses storage heaters or panel heaters as their main source to stockpile the heat. Although it is cheaper to install it will not be a good investment over time; in fact, in comparison to the gas central heating it could be as much as 55% more expensive to run over a period of one year; therefore it might not be a smart shopping activity. Although many people believe that this is the only option there are other money saving options such as underfloor heating.

How does the electric central heating works

Many people don’t fully comprehend the operational functionality of an electric heating; they basically use the electricity supplied by your electricity provider, in many countries the night time rate is normally applied - this is an special and more affordable rate than the normal one; the energy accumulated heats up a special heat retaining container, commonly known as a storage heater.


The storage heater has the task of slowly releasing heat in order to keep the whole or part of the house warm during the following day; although this is not ideal many people decide to adopt this system as the installation costs are normally very cheap and no extra work to install the pipes system is needed – a connection to the electrical circuit is probably all you will need and near to zero maintenance is required; you will also save in the annual maintenance check as this is not needed.


Problems with Heating: Why not to use the electric central heating

Although the initial costs and savings in maintenance fee seem to be a great deal; this should only be used on a temporary basis if needed and not as part of your main central heating; it is normally very expensive to run and even if gas prices increase dramatically, this could also have a negative impact of your electricity provider and the price you pay for their services.


The storage heater will normally keep the house warm during the day but if you need extra heat in your house you might have to acquire an electric heater that will run during the day increasing even more the bills and making this system less affordable for many householders.


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