Playing Sports At Virginia Beach In The Winter

Winter Sports In Virginia Beach, Virginia: Your Guide To Winter Sports At Va Beach

If you want to play winter sports in Virginia Beach, you have come to the right place. When it gets cold by the beach, most people think that there is nothing to do. I am here to tell you that playing sports outside when it is snowing is tons of fun. It doesn't matter if it is a different temperature outside, there are plenty of sports you can play at Christmas time at Virginia Beach. 

Local Surfing

Beacuase I am from this area, I know when it gets cold out and the christmas trees go up, a lot of people want to stay inside. However, I have always been a sucker for surfing when it was cold out. If you are from the area, the best place to go in my opinion is 17th Street Surf Shop on Pacific Avenue.

There you can find the right wet suit that will keep you warm during the chilly weather and cold water. If you are new to surfing or just don't have a board, ask if you can rent. They can able to help you out.

During the cold season, waves can actually get better because of the tides, wind, and Nor' Easters. These storms really get the seas going. Just make sure you stay nice and warm.

Ice Skating: Hockey

Playing hockey is a great seasonal pastime. There are some places you can go in Virginia Beach to play Ice Hockey. Iceland of Virginia Beach Skating Rink is on Broad Street is good place to go. They also have leagues there you can get involved with.

I would go and book the ice for an hour or two and ask if you can use a pair of nets. Then, put some friends together and play some ice hockey. Again, make sure you bundle up because it will be very cold in there.


You can't go to Virginia Beach and not go fishing. During the winter time, there are a lot of fish that run pretty heavy when the water is at a cooler temperature. This area is known as the "Striped Bass capital of the world". With the weather changes, winter brings Tautog, or Roundfish really peak during winter.

The best place to find these is right next to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel where the pilings are and next to the rocks. Don't drift in to close or you will get a big hole in your boat.

Black Sea Bass is also a big temptation during this season. When it snows out, the fresh water that is being dumped into the ocean drives the fish crazy and makes for a better catch.

If you do not own a boat, you can either fish from one of the piers on the beach or find a charter boat down by the Marina. There are many charter boats willing to take you out winter fishing.


Yes, there are people playing volleyball during the cold months of the year and Virginia Beach is no exception. All you have to do is put on some warm clothes and go down to the beach and find a net. The key is to go on the Weekends when everyone is there. You will most certainly find a game in progress.


What would the Beach be without a 5k, 10k, or 14K run. Actually, in Feb. of 2012, Virginia Beach is hosting the  "Virginia is for Lovers 14k Run". There will be a host of food Moe's Southwest Grill and plenty of beer. The weather will be chilly so come prepared. This event holds trophies for all classes so everyone can join. It is going to be on Parks Avenue if you are interested in attending.

Skiing and Snowboarding

There are different places you can go in Virginia Beach to Ski and Snowboard. The key is snow off course. It has to snow and have enough left on the ground to use it. If you are from Virginia Beach, you know that it does not always snow.

It is usually unpredictable at best. And, the ground has to be cold enough for the snow to stick. So it tends to not stick very often. But, the weather cooperates every now and again and it gets cold enough for snow. When this happens, just take you boards to a sand dune covered with snow and have at it. Snow tubing works well on these mini snow slopes.

I hope that this article has helped you find out some information about winter sport in Virginia Beach. My suggestion is plan to have a blast at the beach this year and don't look back.

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