Emergency thermal blankets are among the key components of any well-stocked survival kit, whether it be a home/office survival kit geared for a natural disaster like an earthquake, or an outdoor survival kit geared for protection against the elements. These blankets are often called by other names, such as space blanket, survival blankets, or mylar blankets. Regardless of the name, they are well worth the $2 to $5 it costs to purchase one or a pack of these emergency thermal blankets.

When it comes to versatility the emergency thermal blankets can't be beat. Most bear an average size of 52 inches wide and 84 inches long yet the mylar is so thin and flexible it can be packed in a pocket survival kit. This blanket is manufactured from the same material NASA deems worthy for space flight meaning there is nothing so cold on this earth that it cannot handle.

An emergency winter thermal blanket is great for camping. Because the blanket is both windproof and waterproof it is perfect for lining the bottom of your tent to prevent water seepage into your sleeping bags. In an extreme pinch where no tent is available and no fire is available the emergency thermal blanket can still keep you warm by reflecting/radiating 90 % of your own body heat back to you. This makes it a great choice for emergency shelter.

Even if the weather outside is beautiful and there is no danger of developing hypothermia keep a blanket on you in case of emergency treatment for shock. Any person suffering a substantial injury has a chance of going into shock. Shock is a serious medical condition in which the body's circulatory system stops working properly. Keeping a patient warm is one of the first treatments of shock to keep it from advancing to more progressive stages where brain damage and cell death occur.

While each reason above is a good reason to include a thermal emergency blanket in any survival kit there is one other. The majority of emergency thermal blankets can also be used to signal for help. One side of the blanket is silvery. The other side of the blanket is usually orange or some other color which doesn't appear in nature. Thus an emergency space blanket is quite possibly one of the most vital and versatile components of any survival kit, especially for safe winter travelers.