Traveling to Europe during the winter season is a good option to consider and gives you the opportunity to experience a number of festivals and cultural events in that continent at that time of the year.

Traveling in winter can be a good idea as the airfare and hotel charges are comparatively lesser than in the summer. There are so many things that one can do with the sweat of summer out of the picture. You can be a part of various cultural events such as theater, the opera and symphonies as winter is the season for these activities. Cultural events of the Europe are in a full blast during the winter season.

For the adventurous and those looking for some physical activity, there are a lot of fun winter sports you can enjoy like snowboarding and skiing.

Traveling in winter has its own ups, touring the malls for shopping and having warm meals in restaurants has a charm of its own. As it is the festive season, you can enjoy carnivals and indulge in many activities characterized by the lively spirit of the season.

If you visit Europe in the winter season, you will see a whole new perspective of the place. There is so much that you can do; from formal social events to letting your wild side out by hiking in the snow or snowboarding.

Are you worried whether or not you can afford this? Are you wondering how much it is going to cost you? Take a look and compare the prices of the airplane tickets during the summer and the winter. Clearly, there will be a difference of at least one third if not half. Traveling in the winter is much cheaper. The hotel cost is also less as they offer discounts during the winter season as well.

Are you worried about the chilly weather? It is indeed very chilly in some places, but there are a few places that are quite balmy as well, like southern Italy, most parts of Greece and Portugal. The best time to visit the Andalusia trio of Seville, Granada and Cordoba in Spain is during winter. If you want to eat the most delicious food in Italy you would want to stop at Naples and visit Pompeii which is somewhat deserted in this season.


The Contrarian View

Winter has many charms so why wait for summer and wish for the sun and heat when you can have just as much fun going in the winter as well? Imagine yourself walking on the foggy streets of Venice with a loved one, looking for a warm and cozy café; imagine having a romantic and delicious meal while sitting behind a warm fireplace. What could be more tempting than eating food in the beautifully decorated restaurants in Basel, Switzerland?

The menu of the restaurants usually changes with the change in the weather. Can you imagine eating a rich creamy soup in the heat of the outdoor café of the southern Mediterranean? The aromas that come from the kitchens of the restaurants change with the seasons.

The cultural events are at their peak in the winter. Symphony orchestra, theatre and opera come alive during winter season in Europe. You can enjoy long evenings just like you take long tours to historic buildings in the summer.


Festive season and spirit of Christmas

You can enjoy the festiveness of European cities and towns in winter; especially the closer it is to the Christmas season. Search online to know about the famous malls and markets of cities like Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Aside from the markets and festivals, there are also carnivals to be found and explored. There are different themes found during the carnival season. The most popular carnival of Europe is the carnival of Venice.


Christmas Market in Vienna, AustriaCredit: AuthorHotels

Booking a hotel during the winter season is much cheaper as compared to the summer as in most countries in Europe. It is considered the off-season for visitors and tourists. However, to be really sure to get good travel deals or packages, it is best to make an advance booking.



To taste the local cuisine and feel the ambiance of the winter, visit the family-run restaurants. You will have a large choice and variety of food options. Many hotels provide a delicious breakfast menu. Don't worry about eating too much, as there is the added benefit of being able to take long walks and take advantage of the snow to go to some skiing or other winter sports to burn off the extra calories.

So next time you're thinking of making travel plans, do something different and consider exploring and experiencing Europe during the winter.

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