The Miracle of Silk Long Johns

Silk, Warmth Believe it or Not

The Back Story of the Love for Silk Long Johns

Necessity is the mother of invention.  To follow along the same thought, favorite purchases occur due to necessity as well.  As a yearly tradition, our family began heading north to New YoOh the Shivering Coldrk City from Houston for the week after Christmas some years back.  After all, what could be better than Christmastime and New Year’s Eve in New York City!  The answer to that question comes to mind.  A week in New York City minus the often bone-chilling cold typical of that week qualifies as an answer for how the experience could be improved upon.

As a southerner used to warm weather, we tried everything.  Over the years, our box of gloves, hats, and coats in a myriad of colors and fabrics grew as we searched for the way to enjoy the fabulous sites of New York City without feeling like we were part of the ice displays. Then,  one of the seemingly endless catalogs that come in the mail when holidays approach got my attention.  The claim from this company selling silk clothing items specifically for winter use shouted for my attention.  In clear terms they said that the secret to staying warm was wearing silk, specifically silk long johns.

Still Doubtful About these Silk Long Johns

Really?  They had to be kidding.  I had a few silk outerwear items like blouses.  I loved them, but if anything I thought of cool and delicate verses warm when contemplating their advantages. What the heck?  I had tried everything else, so I ordered the two pieces making up their suggested long john set, a long sleeve top and separate pants.  They arrived and were thin as, well, thin as silk.  In no way did I believe this was going to help, but I packed them along.  An advantage was the thinness made them take up little space in the suitcase!  I had to find a silver lining to what I just spent on what were surely useless items.

No Longer Doubtful about Silk Long Johns

Wow!  Was I ever wrong!  That particular winter proved one of the coldest in the history of our yearly adventure.  Doubtful, the first morning there, I wore the long johns under my jeans and shirt.  Everyone around me was shivering although fully decked out in our finest hats, mufflers, scarves, and gloves.  I can say that I was not cold other than my face.  This catalog offered up the truth.  Since that day, our entire group owns the finest of silk long john tops and bottoms.  Many items designed for warmth offer a Michelin Man puffiness look for the wearer too.  Silk long johns do not.  Their thin nature takes care of that problem.  Clothes still fit with the silk wonders performing underneath.

Why Silk Long Johns Work, the Miracle

Curious, I did go in search of the answers for why such a thin fabric offers this protection. The silk spreads out in wide, thin layers after being extracted from the silkworm cocoon.  Layers stack one over the other. Air does not flow through the layers.  Body heat given off stays in layer of warmth between the body and the silk. It isn’t the silk providing the warmth but rather the boSilk Worm and Cocoondy.  Silk is merely insulating that heat so that it stays put as a warming source.  In contrast,  with fabric woven from threads, air gaps occur between the threads. Cold air thus moves through.  Another unique feature of silk besides the luxurious warmth offered is its ability to wick moisture away from the body.

That  hero of a catalog continues to arrive in my mailbox yearly.  The line has expanded from just silk long johns to a full array of fashions including outerwear, lingerie, and accessories.  I have purchased a few other things, but those original silk long johns are my favorite.  Their use goes beyond the yearly New York City trip.  When it is cold outside, as it does get in Houston sometimes, they serve as great lounge-around-the-house wear. The exquisitely comfortable fiber makes these a staple in a winter wardrobe. 

Winter Wear Tips Beyond Silk Long Johns

Oh, and for just a few more winter weather tips, we always tote along a few packs of the little hand warmers like golfers use on our yearly trip.  Miraculous to us is that no street vendor is selling those on New Year’s Eve there in Time Square as gazillions of people wait for the famed ball to descend.  In buying a coat, check out the different types of down too. Go for those Canadian geese.  We know they live where it’s cold!  That’s another article though. 

Own Some Silk Long Johns

Look no further than the versatile, breathable, durable, and oh-so-comfortable silk long johns for the best in winter wear.  Consider their use as a present.  For a gift for a special child, consider giving a fabulous winter book that talks about not only winter but  shivering creatures, where things come from, and the silkworm.  The perfect book to accompany a gift of silk long johns is Agatha's Feather Bed.   Some shivering recipient hovers ready to thank you.    Stay warm, and enjoy winter in all its glory.