Bring the beauty of a snowy outdoor landscape into your wedding with a winter themed cake. Whether you choose a large, multiple tiered cake for a large wedding or a single tier cake for a small, intimate wedding you can add winter decorations to match the season of your special day.

Snowflake Cake Decorations

Cover a winter wedding cake with edible snowflakes. Martha Stewart recommends using royal icing to create the sweet decorations. You can use white icing or tint your icing with food coloring to create colorful snowflakes to match the wedding colors. Draw snowflake patterns onto white paper or use snowflakes printed from clip art collections or cut from coloring books. Place a piece of wax paper over the pattern and pipe your tinted royal icing onto the wax paper, tracing the pattern below. Add sprinkles or dragees to the snowflakes while the icing is still soft and fresh. Once the snowflakes become dry and stiff, you can gently lift them from the wax paper with a spatula. Add a shimmering effect to your snowflakes by by brushing on a mixture of pearlescent food coloring powder and a small amount of flavor extract.

Winter White Color Scheme

Decorate a winter wedding cake with assorted icings and decorations all in bright winter white. Keep the one color cake interesting with a variety of different textures. You can cover the cake with white fondant and pipe white royal icing or buttercream designs onto the cake. If you make your own icing, use dye free flavoring extracts and butter to create white rather than off white icing. Add to the effect with white sprinkles, nonpareils, extra fine sugar or edible cake glitters. If your decorations don't stick to the cake, brush the fondant or dry icing lightly with water to make the surface slightly sticky. Consider topping the cake with white flowers or a white store bought cake topper to complete the theme.

Snow Couple Cake Toppers

Replace traditional bride and groom cake toppers with a snow couple to celebrate the winter season. Create the snow people from white fondant, gum paste or marzipan. You can use two to four balls of your chosen material to create each snow person according to your own personal preferences and design. Insert a wooden dowel through the center of each figure to prevent it from falling apart on the cake. You can add facial features or clothing to the your snow couple with assorted candies, colored fondant or edible markers.