Winter Weddings can be fun and romantic. Decorating with white lights and winter type decorations can make it seem like a winter wonderland.


Winter Weddings

If you're planning a winter event it's a good idea to choose a date that is not close to any major holidays. If you plan it too close to the holidays you may find that you will have a low attendance to your wedding.

 Your color schemes might be a winter color of white and light blue. You could also use red and white in your color for Christmas or Valentines Day depending on when you plan your event.

  The decorations can be quite extravagant if you choose them to be as well as simple. Ice sculptures are great for the winter months. This can be quite expensive but if you know someone attending a technical cooking school or getting a cooking degree, you may be able to get it for a reasonable price.

Another interesting idea for decorating for a winter wedding is by using glass beaded curtains to emphasize an item. For instance, you could have the curtain hung around the ice sculpture which is displayed on a beautiful pedestal. You could also use the glass beading for emphasis by surrounding the beautiful wedding cake with the beads until it is ready to cut. Glass beading is really very beautiful when used to emphasize things that you want your guests to notice. You could also hang a string of glass beaded curtains behind the bridal table.

Dangling snow flakes in glittery silver color would be a nice accent to your winter wedding décor. Besides looking so lovely, they will send an array of light throughout the room and set a wonderful mood.

 It's an elegant accent to have a champagne fountain. It looks so beautiful with a nicely designed Wedding reception. It's also an enjoyable attraction for the guests. These are not expensive to rent for your reception and add a nice touch to your wedding.

planning Winter WeddingsCredit:; By EmmiP

If you want to have a nice scene for pictures for the wedding party you can make your own winter scene. You can buy an arch at any craft store and decorate it with white lights and silk flowers that match your wedding. Some of these arches come with lights in tact. You can create a winter scene with artificial snow and an artificial tree. This will only work if you have enough room in your reception area. If you are having a wedding closer to Valentines Day then you should decorate the arch appropriately for Valentines Day.

Winter Wedding can be so much fun and they can be designed and decorated so much different than other seasons. Most importantly have fun planning your event just the way you want it.