Winter Home Maintenance

While your backyard may not look as beautiful as it does during the peak of springtime blooming, it doesn’t have to turn into a disaster during the blustery winter months.  With a little bit of work and cleanup, you’ll have a well-maintained backyard that will be ready for spring planting and entertaining when the weather warms up!

  • Keep the debris to a minimum.  After a storm, take an afternoon to pick up sticks, leaves and other debris that may have gotten blown onto your yard or walkways.  Send your kids out and pay them a nickel a branch to clean up the front yard.  Staying on top of your yard work takes a little motivation, but is much easier than getting behind and feeling overwhelmed by all of the debris that can build up!
  • Keep your pool clean.  Pools are fun in the summer, but often times just create a swampy mess full of leaves and debris in the winter.  Try to keep your pool looking nice by regularly running the pump throughout the winter and skimming the pool of leaves debris on a weekly basis.  Not only will this keep your pool looking nice, but it will ensure that your filter and pump don’t get clogged by all of the added debris that winter storms can bring.
  • Avoid flooding in and around your backyard by implementing stormwater control procedures.  Clear out your drains and gutters on a regular basis to avoid clogging and backup in the event of a storm.  If you have a drain around your property that often gets clogged with runoff and causes flooding, you may consider installing inlet protection to prevent such a problem.
  • If you live in an area that receives an abundant amount of snowfall, snow removal is also a big concern in the winter and is vital to the health of your yard once the weather warms up.  Regularly shovel walkways, driveways, around doors and entrances to your home to avoid flooding when the snow begins to melt. 
  • If you have a garden or other fragile plants in your yard, the harsh winter weather can be detrimental to their well-being.  Keep your fragile and annual plants protected from the winter weather by wrapping them with protective coverings or keeping them covered with some sort of other structural protection.