Winter carrots cooked for fragile kids

Fragile body that is especially good for children, carrots, vitamin A rich supply of winter dry skin, removes dead skin cells, prevent skin aging and anti-cancer action and good for digestive chase excellent. For a carrot is not as easy to use as the main ingredient. Today the subject of a carrot the children I'll make your favorite dishes.

Scrambled Carrots are really simple to create a scramble, in addition to carrots, the kids do not eat well if I really like to put chopped vegetables.


4 eggs, broccoli, 50g, carrot dogs, milk cup vegetable oil, and 1 tablespoon salt 


1. Break the eggs and milk with finely extracted salt and pepper into the mix evenly. 

2. A couple from Blanch leaves chopped broccoli slightly less finely chop the carrots are ready to cut less.

3. Broccoli and carrots are ready to put on a mix gives the dalgyalmul.

4 heated pan, pour oil and fry vegetable mix dalgyalmul.When eggs begin ripening under 5 parts scrambled Stir with chopsticks to make a couple of times. Carrot SoupSmooth, creamy carrot soup, bread and threw daldalhan morning as a substitute for eating a soft nice. 

Material Carrot 50g, broccoli 20g, onion, 20g, potatoes, 20g, milk 200ml, anchovy seaweed broth 1 cup flour, 10g, butter 10g, salt, pepper, Parmesan cheese powder, slightly 


1. Carrots, onions and potatoes are diced into bite-sized.

2. The end of the root portion of broccoli cut into a bite-size slightly torn places.

3. Melted butter and flour in a pan and then put yakbul 5 minutes, put the milk and then stir fried with a cream sauce made.

4. 1 and 2 of the vegetables and broth into vegetables and simmer until cooked in yakbul.

5. 4, salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on lightly flour produces.
 Carrot stick chicken stewIn addition to the tantalizing carrot dalbongjorime dalkeunhan dalkomjjapjjoromhan two I rapnida simmered dishes.

Materials carrot, chicken 250g, mushrooms 5, asparagus 2-line, simmered sauce - seaweed soup 200ml, soy sauce 5 tablespoons, oligosaccharide 2 tablespoon cooking wine 2 tablespoons, minced garlic, 1 tablespoon grape seed oil slightly


1. Sign up for a long slice of carrot peels second sliced 0B 0Bmushrooms make a vertical side.

2. Trim asparagus and cut into 3cm lengths are given.

3. Grape seed oil in a pan and gently fry the garlic cloves around the roast gives dalbongeul put.

4. To some extent, dalbongyi cooked carrots, asparagus and mushroom sauce to put the fry into the roast to finish.

Tip Carrots, roasted or fried in oil and in their jackets at the best. The reason is because the right ingredients beta-carotene. Peel the carrots in beta carotene are the most shocking. In addition, beta-carotene, roasted or fried in oil as fat-soluble vitamins than if eaten raw body's absorption rate was eight times higher. Vinegar, because it also destroys the beta carotene in carrots, cooked carrots to eat as nutrition, the right not to put the vinegar.