Winter to do list

Winter remembered and winter is coming again

As you bask in the summer sun or enjoy the warmth of an early fall evening it is time to recall the woes of last winter. Not just recall the harshness of the winter but remember, too, the promises you made to ensure that you and your family would not suffer these cold hardships again. Remember all those days when the water pipes were frozen, and you telling yourself that you would not be caught again out next winter. Did you do anything about it during the summer or is it a case of the long forgotten snows of last winter. Now is the time to act, if you have not taken any preventative action yet. Once the children return to school you will know that winter is not too far around the corner and you should be preparing for it. It is way to late if the first of the Christmas post drops through your letterbox

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Tips for surviving another winter


loose split firewood logs set for dryingThese include winterizing the water pipes to prevent them from freezing and damaging your home. Simply collecting a free supply of rainwater as an emergency back up is another way to get through the severe weather in wintertime. A rainwater harvesting system is easy to install under any rainwater down pipe and this supply will be very useful for washing or toilet flushing in the event of a frozen water pipe. Gathering winter fuel in summertime is vitally important, as is the correct storing of timber to allow it to dry properly. Logs will dry out much better if you split them because otherwise the bark will help the log to retain moisture.

Plumbing charges

Plumbers can charge anything they like because you are usually desperate when a plumbing disaster occurs and you have little concern about how much will be charged. You simply want the overflowing  tub, faucet, cracked hot tank or broken water pipe to be repaired without delay and before the entire house is bedraggled and sodden. A bit of preventative maintenance will be helpful, and during the summer months you should conduct a survey of the entire water system in your home and gauge the risks. Plumbers are less busy in the summertime and you can engage a local plumber to make an assessment of the likely risks in your home with regard to freezing. The advantage of making an acquaintance with the local plumber is that you will be able to call them in an emergency situation and you will know from past experience from dealing with them that they are fair-minded and reasonably priced. Having a reputable plumber to call upon is a great advantage but do remember to get the crucial plumbing jobs done in the mild weather. 

Lack of water during wintertime

Frozen water pipes

Icy conditions and frozen water pipesA frozen water pipe is to be taken seriously because it will soon become apparent that the only problem is not just the fact that no water flows from the faucet. Many people are left without water supplies during freezing conditions. Later on when the thaw arrives it brings a huge problem with it because the previously frozen pipes (which have burst with the expanded ice) now begin to flows again. When the thaw occurs the previously frozen water can rise to above freezing conditions in a very short time. This rapid thawing of pipes and subsequent uncontrolled water flow can cause great damage to your home. Prevention is better than cure but it is all too easy to forget the harshness of winter as you enjoy the summer weather. Get active and insulate properly and avoid having to buy bottled water to flush toilets this winter. Avoid the health risks associated with lack of water this winter and the need to queue with containers at government water distribution centers. Enjoy winter more, especially if you have done the groundwork during the summer and fall seasons. 

Winter weather predictions

Winter weather predictions are a bit of a misnomer because we know it will be cold and miserable so there is no need to predict anything at all. The key is in how we prepare for the miseries of winter weather. You will enjoy your winter as you sit indoors playing chess, reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle, stamp collecting or playing board games such as Scrabble or Monopoly with the children, if you know that you have prepared well for the harshness of this season. You will be safe in the knowledge that your central heating won’t freeze, that the attic is fully insulated and mouse free, and that your heating expenses are drastically reduced because you have taken the preventive measures necessary during the summer months, when the weather was milder and work could be done. 

Protect water

Rain water harvesting and gathering rainwater for garden useA wastewater system that reuses water a second time is very beneficial to the environment. This water can be used for watering the garden or for other non drinking uses such as toilet flushing. Rain water is reusable water too and rain harvested water can be used as drinking water if it is properly prepared. In emergency situations, such as frozen house water pipes, the rainwater can be boiled to rid it of impurities and when it is cooled it can be consumed. Snow is a form of rain water that can be boiled to produce water but it takes an awful lot of snow to produce even a small quantity of water. The cost involved in harvesting rainwater is low and the equipment needed is relatively basic and can be incorporated into any property that has a rainwater down pipe. 

Conservation laws

As time passes more and more countries are introducing regulations and laws requiring people to protect water and there is great emphasis on the need for water management in today’s society. Water care, reuse and conservation of supply can save millions of dollars every year and is of vital importance to the economy. You can water a large garden vegetable plot using waste water or rainwater and need never draw water for this purpose from the regulated water authority supply. Other ways to conserve water in the garden is to plant winter vegetables in the late fall, when the temperature is dropped and conditions are much cooler and the rainfall will not evaporate from the soil. This means less watering is required for new crops. 

Signs that winter is coming

A sudden urge to eat something hot is a reminder that winter days are approaching. Another tell-tale sign is the squeak of house mice. This was a job you promised to tackle too, as you wanted to ensure all those loose mouse hole gaps were properly sealed. This was the promise that you had made to yourself the previous winter, that this was one of the first tasks to do on a warm summer’s day. I hope you remembered.

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