If you happen to own an Apple iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, the software Cydia is a must-have, especially if you are looking for a winterboard themes gallery. Cydia is a stand-in application that enables users to perform a number of cool things on the latest iPhone or for iPad, which cannot be performed otherwise. While users of Apple devices may have already heard or read about Cydia in websites, blogs or forums and discussion boards, looking for a winterboard themes gallery in the application is, in fact, something that only a few people are knowledgeable with.

Where can you find winterboard themes gallery?

You can locate them in several sources for Cydia like the Cydia repositories, which can accessed once you are finished downloading the Cydia stand-in application on your gadget. Developers who build these themes store them in Cydia sources where they can be downloaded by users.

How will they be downloaded from the winterboard themes gallery?

As mentioned earlier, the winterboard themes gallery needs to be downloaded from several Cydia sources. They are accessible by clicking the Cydia icon found on your gadget's screen menu, which will then direct you to the main menu for Cydia. From there, you click on the "Sections" tab and then "Sources". You will find the Cydia themes list arranged in several categories in these sources.

Winterboard Themes Gallery at CodeThemed

If you recently had your latest iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad jailbreaked, you can now install various nice-looking themes on your device.

CodeThemed offers the most unique and finest winterboard themes gallery, and they are all available in one location. Users regularly add new themes for iPad or the latest iPhone. You can create your own themes as well and showcase your creative talent simply by registering for their free account.

The CodeThemed winterboard themes gallery contains hundreds of free iPod Touch, latest iPhone or iPad themes. They are unique and colorful and feature various kinds of icons, backgrounds and schemes for apps. You can check out the theme's preview, in either Home or Lock Device mode, before you download it.

An important tip to remember if you want to get the best themes is to browse the gallery's "Most Downloaded" and "Top Rated" section.

Downloading a particular theme is easy – you simply go to the page of the theme you like and then click "Download". Next, save the .zip file on your desktop and extract the folder – and you are good to go.

Winterboard Themes Gallery for iPad

This is where you will need the help of the Cydia software. You can have the gadget jailbreaked and install the Cydia application on it. When you perform this, you will also have the option to load countless of Cydia apps on your gadget.

The initial step you will have to do is to load Cydia on your device, followed by the Winterboard app. This particular application will allow you to change your iPad's appearance that suits your preference and personality.

Finding a winterboard themes gallery for the latest iPhone or for iPad that can be installed on your device is easy.